Mexican Food

Mole and mezcal

Sabrosa serves up sophisticated Mexican dishes and drinks


FOOD Roughly a month after Sabrosa opened its tinted doors to flocks of the rarer type of Marina patron — one hungry for trend-pushing, flavor-forward cuisine — word got out that the plates outshine the cocktails at this upscale Mexican restaurant and bar.Read more »

FEAST: Carnitas I have loved

If you name yourself after shredded pork, you better know where to get a good taco


FEAST I was raised on carnitas. When other babies gummed pacifiers, I sucked on pork, and loved it. After my teeth came in, I remember taking the three-hour (round trip) drive from my hometown of Ventura, Calif. to my dad's gold standard for carnitas: the Burrito Inn in Hawthorne. Those were so good they were worth braving the 405 for.

You can understand then, how the first time I tasted my very own San Francisco gold-standard carnitas is a tale that I'll oft retell to my future (pork-plumped) children.Read more »