Mayor Lee

The failure of Lee's business tax plan


The Mayor’s Office and city finance officials are circulating drafts of a new business tax plan that would largely abolish the payroll tax and replace it with a levy on gross receipts.Read more »

Sorting out the America's Cup re-do


I have to say this for Mayor Ed Lee: He's not so stubborn or egotistical. He's willing to listen. And when something really, really doesn't make sense, he's willing to let it slide.

Not like Gavin Newsom.Read more »

Ed Lee's 100 percent


I expected a lot of talk about togetherness at the mayor's inauguration, but Ed Lee went a step further: He acually announced that he wants to be the mayor "for the 100 percent." That's a remarkable statement when you think about it, and it indicates to me that Lee doesn't want to be, and isn't going to be, and activist leader.Read more »

Who will push progressive taxes in 2012?


Mayor Ed Lee talked to the Examiner about his plans for the next year, and it's a lot of the usual political crap: I'm going to create jobs, I'm going to bring people together and promote civility, ho hum. But he did mention, briefly, the need to change the city's business tax, and here's how he put it:Read more »