Lusty Lady

The Lusty Lady's last night, and a eulogy


Here’s a toast to you, Lusty Lady. You were daring, you were seductive, you glittered. Your halls were dingy, but your women were badass, punky, and purple-haired. You were consummately San Francisco. Read more »

Live nude girls say goodnight

The unionized, worker-owned strip club Lusty Lady is forced to close by high rent


When we caught up with Prince$$, who has spent more than a decade at the Lusty Lady — not just as a dancer but in roles ranging from marketing guru to shop steward for the peep show's unionized dancers — she wasn't in her favorite over-the-knee platform boots or a classic burlesque getup.Read more »

Local blogs fumble story of sex worker activist named legislative aide


We were thrilled to bits at the Guardian when St. James Infirmary's longtime program director and former Harvey Milk Club president Stephany Joy Ashley was named Supervisor David Campos' new legislative aide. Ashley was a speaker on our "Feminism in the Bay Area Today" panel discussion and worked on a number of political campaigns, from John Avalos' bid for mayor to Rafael Mandleman's 2010 run for District 8 supervisor. 

However, local blogs read her primarily as a former stripper. "Lusty Activist is the New Campos Aide," read Misson Loc@l's headline. "David Campos' New Aide Is a Former Lusty Lady Dancer," read the headline on SFist. Way to focus on the important stuff, guys. Read more »

Lusty for the Ladies? Worker-owned strip club still open, but needs your help


I have to apologize for not frothing up the waters with my own account of everyone's favorite (and only) worker-owned strip club the Lusty Lady being in peril of having to shut its doors. I was gallivanting about on a world tour -- find my list of illegal places in Berlin to trespass on here -- and re-emerged on this side of the bridge to hysterical accounts that the classic, unionized titty joint was going under.

It's no secret that the Guardian has a tawdry, longstanding affair with the Lusty -- so I made a quick call to long-time Lusty Lorelei. Upshot: the club is kind-of safe for the moment, but it's ready to grind it out for your singles. Read more »

The sex worker struggle

From Google to Whorespeak: SF's activists fight a complex, uphill battle but keep the dream of decriminalization alive


Google has come under fire in the past year for everything from privacy policies to censorship. But in December, some Bay Area residents were protesting the tech giant for a very different reason. The group that marched in front of the company's San Francisco office was angry over the company's donation to organizations fighting human trafficking.

The flyers declared, "Google: Please fund non-judgmental services for sex workers, NOT the morality crusaders that dehumanize us!"Read more »