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MUSIC: BFF.fm is the new cool kid in town


Being a radio DJ in 2014 feels oddly radical."What do you mean 'radio'?" people ask, totally perplexed, when I tell them what I do. It's an independent station on the Internets, I tell them. "Can I call in?" is, without fail, their next question. Not exactly, I say, but we can tweet. It's not your grandfather's radio, but the perks are all there.Read more »

KUSF update: Week two at City Hall, donations needed


The battle to save KUSF reached City Hall for the second consecutive week yesterday, with a rally including music, and Board of Supervisors discussion of the resolution asking USF and the FCC to rescind the sale of the station. Outside, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi spoke to the crowd, placing the sale of KUSF within the context of a larger attack on public access to media in the city, state, and country, and asking those present to be "warriors on behalf of public access" in the event that the resolution doesn't pass with unanamity and an emergency committee hearing must be held. KUSF Music Director Irwin Swirnoff also spoke, and then introduced new Drag City artist Ty Segall, a former USF student whose albums have been KUSF mainstays. On its Facebook page, the campaign to Save KUSF is directing people to www.savekusf.org to make contributions towards the $10,000 needed by the end of this week for it to retain its FCC lawyer. (As of Wednesday, $3000 has been raised.) A look at some of yesterday's events after the jump.

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