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Everything is terrible, let's go hear some live music


Dear readers! In case none of your coworkers has made any kind of Dilbert-ready joke by the water cooler yet today, let us fill you in: It's Friday.

And woof, did this week feel a little long to anyone else? Perhaps because the news is filled with horrendous, tragic, apparently senseless events? I'm not one for the "waah, why do news outlets report on so much bad stuff when there's good stuff in the world" mentality — you should be spurred to anger/sadness/feeling by reading about the state of the world, that's how change happens.Read more »

Cheryl Eddy's top 10 metal shows of 2011


For so many more year-end music lists, click here and pick up this week's paper.

Cheryl Eddy's list of the top 10 metal shows of 2011 (in chronological order): Read more »

The tops of 2011

YEAR IN MUSIC 2011: Local musicians, writers, DJs, and promoters sound off on the year's best songs, album releases, shows, and club drugs






1. Feb. 2: Motörhead, Clutch, and Valient Thorr at Warfield

2. March 11: Weedeater, Zoroaster, Kvelertak, and Begotten at Thee Parkside

3. March 12: Slough Feg, Christian Mistress, and Witch Mountain at Hemlock

4. April 3: Saint Vitus, Red Fang, and Howl at Mezzanine

5. June 7: Orange Goblin and Gates of Slumber at Bottom of the Hill

6. Aug. 12: Eyehategod, Impaled, Laudanum, and Brainoil at Oakland MetroRead more »

Mom was a mess (and then she rubbed all up on me)


Going in to Thee Parkside on Fri/5, I didn’t know what to expect from the show’s openers. Considering Mom’s antics, it’s probably best that I didn’t do any pre-show research. In a nutshell, Mom was a mess. Read more »