Light-up wonders, deep sea explorers, jelly apps: Marine biology at the Bone Room


You don't have to travel far to enter foreign waters. Just a few miles off San Francisco shores lies a world more alien to us than anything dreamed up by the likes of Ridley Scott or James Cameron. And as Doctor Steve Haddock of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute told us in his lecture, entitled "No Bones About It: The Diversity of Gelatinous Invertebrates in the Deep Sea" at Berkeley's Bone Room last Thursday night, this world -- otherwise known as Monterey Bay -- holds 4,000 meters of uncharted underwater territory , miles of yet-to-be-discovered ecosystems, organisms, and almost unimaginable possibilities of new life.

Monterey Bay is one of the most biologically diverse bodies of waters in the world due to the massive sub-oceanic Monterey Canyon, one of the deepest of its kind off the coast of the United States. It stretches about 4,000 meters in depth, surpassing the depth of the Grand Canyon. 

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Is your cat the Devil? Learn its historical precedence at demonic kitty lecture


Has your cat spit fire recently? Exhibited fluency in multiple languages simultaneously? Levitated? Flown? If so, your furry feline may be experiencing the troublesome symptoms of housing a demon. And fire can really do a number on those expensive drapes.

Luckily for you, occult expert Paul Koudounaris is coming to SF this Friday, and as part of David Normal's "Crazyology" art exhibit will be shedding light on the dark world of demonry in his lecture series, looking at both historical and modern accounts of devilish domestics. Read more »

If you want my advice

Two career coaches on dream jobs and who's hiring these days


CAREERS AND ED In July, the unemployment rate in California was 11 percent. Which got us thinking: what's the smart way to job hunt these days? We're not the only ones — this month, the Commonwealth Club is hosting a series of lectures and workshops called "The Future of Work." We tapped two of the series' experts for email interviews, asking Marty Nemko, author of Cool Careers For Dummies, and Joel Garfinkle, Oakland-based career coach, for their takes on the matter. They offered two points of view on today's dreary job market. Upside? Read more »