Larry Ellison

Go, New Zealand


Imagine if Larry Ellison lost the America's Cup.Read more »

A fine use for Larry's fine art


A loyal reader contacted us with a great suggestion to solve all the fundraising problems of the America's Cup.

This summer, it turns out, will be about more than racing for the city's mega-billionaire yacht-race king. The Asian Art Museum's latest program guide notes that from June 28-Sept. 22, the museum will host "In the Moment: Japanese Art from the Larry Ellison Collection."Read more »

For $999, you can watch sailing, on public land


Here's the deal of a lifetime: For $999, you can get a ticket to watch the America's Cup races. From beachers built on public land. Where the non-wealthy public won't be allowed.Read more »

Who says sailing's not a spectator sport? Hot America's Cup action

See video

We brought nautical-themed beer and outfits to Crissy Field for the America's Cup preliminary races, and had a great view of one of the turning points of the really big boats before the winning sailors aggressively sprayed champagne on each other. I'm not sure how many of the race's subtleties our fellow spectators were getting, but it was clear the Team Prada had a lot more fans than Team J.P. Morgan. Read more »

The America's Cup meltdown


The America's Cup Event Authority -- the operation that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison set up to run the business side of his personal yacht race -- is melting down, laying off half its staff and scrambling around for new leadership as projected revenues continue to slide and the ultimate size and impact of the event remains in question.Read more »

What's wrong with the America's Cup deal? A lot


Let’s start out with a premise that even Larry Ellison’s minions have come to accept: The race is happening here. Too late now to move it to another city. Worst-case scenario, according to Stephen Barclay, the point person for the world’s sixth-richest man: "If we don't meet those dates, the teams will be forced to relocate to other places around the bay." Read more »

Guardian editorial: Ellison wins, San Francisco loses!


EDITORIAL San Francisco's not going to lose the America's Cup. Oracle CEO and yachting billionaire Larry Ellison is too excited about the prospect of bringing the sport (and his company's logo on the sail of his boat) to a mass audience for the first time in history that he's not about to abandon San Francisco Bay. The process is too far along; that much is a done deal.

But the development agreements for the city's waterfront is not a done deal at all — in fact, the proposal could wind up giving Ellison effective control over five piers and a valuable waterfront lot that he could develop for condos. And the city won't get anywhere near enough out of the deal.

The development agreement is really just a sideshow in the cup planning; nobody's arguing that Ellison's America's Cup Event Authority will need space to stage the race, and that will require the renovation of some waterfront property. And nobody disputes that the event will bring tourism and revenue to the city, which will offset some of the cost of allowing Ellison rights to the waterfront. Read more »

America's cup: What does Larry get?


The development agreement for the America's Cup comes out next week, although the project is already under way. But there's some concern that the number of visitors (and thus the revenue to the city) might not be as high as projected.Read more »