Juanita More

Party Radar: Loose Joints, MGUN, Bonobo, Runway Massacre, Freaker's Ball, more


Yes! Halloween is going to be an insane, sludgy weeklong ride down the pumpkin hole of partying. No idea what I'm going to be: maybe I'll go as Lady Bear

Meanwhile, there are more and even more parties, Halloween or no. Your soundtrack is this four hour-recording from the final Honey Soundsystem weekly party last Sunday, which starts with a deep tribal-disco vocal performance by the legendary Jorge Socarras, the musical partner of deceased gay electronic music wizard Patrick Cowley, and continues through many amazing stages of musical pre-grief. Including! A wedding proposal! So wonderful and weird, we'll miss you Honey:

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Desi Santiago inflates Juanita More's Pride party plans


Does the idea of one of SF's best-known drag fashionistas rendered in massivem inflatable form excite you? You then, are the target audience for this item of news: Juanita More has announced that multimedia artist Desi Santiago will lend his dark, dramatic style to her yearly Pride party in 2013 as its set designer. 

"Desi is someone with great vision," More told me in an email. That vision has produced black dogs that swallowed a South Beach hotel whole, outfits that appear to be made from different garments when viewed from various vantage points, atmospheric runway sets, and extravagant works various couture happenings. Read more »

Address of the beast

Nightlife: Stealth clubbing, Claude Young, Greg Wilson, Public Access. Plus: Juanita More's chicken!


SUPER EGO Is San Francisco experiencing a douche drain? Suddenly a heck of a lot of, er, "upscale" clubs are mediating their bottle service images with creative, musically forward parties. I can't think they've run out of Appletini orderers, or that the real nightlife money is in importing obscure Crosstown Rebels label DJs — although maybe all the bachelorettes really have fled to Castro gay bars and the stiff-collar dudes are glued to their Girls Around Me app? I'm loving finally feeling comfortable (and digging the quality sound systems) at some of these shiny joints. Read more »