Supervisors reject Pinterest proposal, protect PDR businesses from eviction


A spirited hearing before the Board of Supervisors Land Use and Economic Development Committee yesterday [Mon/7] on the San Francisco Design Center’s application for landmark status kept social networking site Pinterest out of the building, for now.Read more »

It's about housing, not taxes


Texas Guv Rick Perry made a spectacle of himself trying to take businesses away from California, but as everyone with any sense predicted, his trip was a bust. Fact is, very few businessess anywhere make major relocation decisions because of taxes and regulations. But as Calitics points out (with a nice chart), the real reason people have left California of late is the cost of housing.Read more »

Texas and tax cuts suck; CA leads job growth


How many times have we heard that jobs are leaving California for Texas? How many times have big-business groups and the polticians who play to their needs said that lower taxes and corporate welfare make states more "competitive" and are good for the economy?

So look, for a moment, at California and Texas. Who has the lower taxes and the governor who will do whatever employers want? And who has the more robust job growth?Read more »

Target, Walmart, and jobs


New development projects in San Francisco, no matter how bizarre or inappropriate, always round up supporters who talk about jobs. Building housing for multimillionaires on the waterfront? Hey -- it creates jobs. Bring chain stores into the city? Jobs. Tax breaks for tech firms? Jobs.Read more »

If you want my advice

Two career coaches on dream jobs and who's hiring these days


CAREERS AND ED In July, the unemployment rate in California was 11 percent. Which got us thinking: what's the smart way to job hunt these days? We're not the only ones — this month, the Commonwealth Club is hosting a series of lectures and workshops called "The Future of Work." We tapped two of the series' experts for email interviews, asking Marty Nemko, author of Cool Careers For Dummies, and Joel Garfinkle, Oakland-based career coach, for their takes on the matter. They offered two points of view on today's dreary job market. Upside? Read more »

Facebook IPO: The good and the bad


Facebook went public and the people who got in at the initial price of $38 made a little money, but the stock is hardly exploding in the way that suggests social-networking is the next stock market darling. Read more »

Government jobs are jobs, too


The New York Times weighed in Dec. 4 on an economic fact of life that I've been harping about for years now: Jobs in the public sector are ... jobs. In many cases, they're good jobs. And when conservatives and business leaders talk about reducing the size of government -- and then complain about the unemployment rate -- they're stuck in doublespeak.

I know the Times has a paywall now, so if you can't get in from that link I'll give you the main points of the editorial:Read more »

The left and jobs


Wow, there's a new coalition in town! It's called "The Bay Guardian Left." And it's so influential -- and so misguided -- that it's destroyed progressive hope of winning the mayor's office. This from Randy Shaw at BeyondChron, who is sounding more and more like someone who thinks the private sector is going to pull us out of this recession:Read more »