Jerry Brown

What's Jerry Brown afraid of?


I have to wonder -- as I often do, I'm afraid -- just what exactly Gov. Jerry Brown is thinking. He was out of town -- at an undisclosed location -- when the UC Davis pepper spray incident happened, and he issued no statement. Now he's back, presumably in his office, and he still hasn't said anything.Read more »

SFBG Radio: Jerry Brown, WTF?


In today's episode, we try to figure out WTF is up with Jerry Brown -- and what Californians can do about it. Listen after the jump. Read more »

Jerry Brown has lost his mind


He's all for "realignment" -- giving counties more responsibility for public services. He's all for environmental initiatives that decrease the state's reliance on fossil fuels. But when a measure comes along that does both -- at no harm to anyone in Sacramento, and has the support of just about everyone in San Francisco from the Chamber of Commerce to the Labor Council -- he vetoes it.Read more »