Photographic perspective: Salvaged shots from Japanese tsunami come to Intersection of the Arts


Let the photos above serve as a reminder that your humpday muck-ups really aren't the cataclysms they seem to be.

The shots are from an exhibit that opens today at Intersection for the Arts called "(re)collection: Family Photos Swept By the 3/11 Japan Tsunami". They're representative ofa massive collection of photographs salvaged from crushed homes in the wake of the 2011 magnitude 9.0 earthquake offshore from the island nation. That'd be the one that caused the devastating tsunami, flattening coastal towns like Tohoku, where massive numbers of lives were lost and where these images were collected by rescue workers.  Read more »

High levels of strontium at Fukushima


More bad news for Japan and its stricken fishing industry: Tokyo Electric Power Company says radioactive strontium up to 240 times the legal concentration limit has been detected in seawater samples near an intake at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Read more »