Supes approve funding request for jail construction


“A Costco warehouse with metal bunk beds” is how Matt Freeman of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department described one of the county's outmoded jail facilities, speaking at a meeting in City Hall today (Tue/22). At its meeting, San Francisco Board of Supervisors cleared the way for the Sheriff and the Department of Public Works to request $80 million in state funding to be put toward the construction of a modernized jail.Read more »

Changing the metaphor

How I went from a Three Strikes lifer to participant in California's criminal justice reform movement



With my partner-in-crime Keith Chandler at the wheel, we're driving through San Francisco on our way to Stanford University Law School for the Three Strikes Summit, a deeply personal topic to both of us. Three Strikes is partly why I served 15 years in prison, and Stanford's Three Strikes Project is a big reason why I was released earlier this year.Read more »

S.F. County Jail inmates participate in global dance movement


To enter San Francisco County Jail No. 2 yesterday, I first had to gain clearance from a uniformed guard positioned behind a pane of glass, with an array of surveillance monitoring screens looming beside him. After being buzzed through a heavy metal door and being escorted two floors up by a different guard, I was struck by the contrast between the featureless institutional environment and the vivacious inmate I soon encountered.Read more »

Torture, for real

Giants fans, watching a close game ≠ the awful things that prisoners go through here in the United States


OPINION Last week I walked into my favorite café in SoMa and noticed the barista wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the black and orange word "torture."

I froze. I knew I was holding up the line but I didn't care. I had to ask about that shirt.

"Oh, it's to promote the San Francisco Giants," he said. He continued speaking, not noticing my umbrage. "So do you want your coffee hot or cold today?"

I wanted to keep talking about that shirt, but I didn't know what to say. "I will have my coffee cold please," I told him.Read more »