In their words: Oakland locals from this week's Guardian cover


This week, the Guardian examines the issue of whether San Francisco is experiencing a cultural and economic exodus to the East Bay, especially Oakland. Our cover features creative folks from all over Oakland proper. They were asked the question "Is Oakland cooler than San Francisco?" and in return we got some pretty surprising answers (though, spoiler alert: the general consensus was "Hell Yes!"). Have a listen to their responses...

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Burning rubber: How do adult film actors feel about LA's condom regulations?


All video by Ned Halaby

By now, the 2012 AVN Awards are but a sticky-handed, flashbub-popping memory. But not everything that happened that week in the porn business is confined to memory. The Tuesday before the AVNs, LA's city council passed a law to require all adult film actors to wear condoms -- and funded inspections of studios with a mandatory fee for all skin flick companies. 

It was a controversial move. Industry types, wary of an already flagging adult DVD market, have made weak noises about condoms not being sexy -- but also that LA clamping down on the issue will only cause studios to move away. Internet porn is a largely amateur, largely diffused phenomenon that doesn't rely on SoCal so much anyway. AIDS organizations applaud the measure's potential to cut down on sexually-transmitted diseases.

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Author Christopher Ryan and the socio-evolutionary reasons for non-monogamy


Love your partner and love to fool around with other people? Author Christopher Ryan says that’s perfectly natural. A psychologist and historian who insists that human beings are not cut out for sexual monogamy, Ryan's hitting SF next week (Wed/9-Thu/10) to talk about the evolutionary reasons for why that's so. Read more »