Internet Cats

Internet cats, in their own words: Henri le Chat Noir


As exhaustive and definitive as our cover story on the break-out fame of the Internet's Cat Pack was last month, still the masses clamored for more. Specifically, they wanted Henri le Chat Noir.

Who can blame them -- Seattle's existentially wracked feline inspires Christopher Walken to reference his videos mid-interview and whose short film Henri 2, Paw de Deux was declared the best of the Internet cat offerings by the dearly departed Roger Ebert. He figured prominently on our Cat Pack cover flirting with Luna the Fashion Kitty, but clearly, we would be remiss not to hear from the laconic cat himself, particularly now that he has a recently-released coffeetable book to shill. Read more »

Beloved Shirts reads your mind, puts it on a sweatshirt


I should be pissed that Provo, Utah's Beloved Shirts company has raided my Internet search records, but I'll focus on just being happy that now I can buy that Goldfish crackers crewneck sweatshirt of my dreams. Read more »

Internet cats, in their own words: Colonel Meow


I got -- and am continuing to get -- in quite a few conversations with loved ones and people I get stuck chatting with at parties, about favorite Internet cats. Such has been the all-consuming process that is this week's "Cat Pack" cover story. And shocked, I am shocked each time someone is ignorant of Colonel Meow's charms. The luxuriously eyebrowed black-and-gray Persian longhair from Washington State, and his owner Anne Marie Avey's megalomaniac prose have entered our cultural vernacular. 

Read more »

Internet cats, in their own words: Luna the Fashion Kitty


While writing this week's Pets Issue cover story on world domination by Internet-famous cat magnates -- or the "Cat Pack," as they will forever after be dubbed thanks to the quick linguistic thinking of Mike "Owner of Lil Bub" Bridavsky during our interview for the piece -- a certain fashion icon was never far from my mind.

Luna the Fashion Kitty is hardly the most famous Internet cat, but her cross-eyed good looks, coupled with owner Rocio Grijalva's ability to get her to wear tutus and hairbows, is to me emblematic of the American Dream. Let the fact that Luna hails from the city of Hermosillo, in the Mexican state of Sonora allow you to draw your own conclusions about the continued cultural relevancy of that trope. Read more »

The Cat Pack

Quirky felines have gone past viral status to become legitimate celebrities. Now how will they use their fame?


PETS Lil Bub does not do corporate endorsements.

"I prefer going to my local pet store, so why would Bub endorse Petco?" says Mike Bridavsky, owner of the angel-faced, wide-eyed, underbite-blessed cat from Bloomington, Indiana who is one of the most prominent members of the Cat Pack, a term Bridavsky coins during our phone interview for the cadre of felines currently owning the Internet.Read more »

Internet Cat Video Festival pussyfoots its way to Oakland


The druggish trip of a heavy Youtube session: you start out looking for that innovative new TED Talk and find yourself, hours later, fixated on a video of sloths in a bucket. How you got there you don’t know.

Sleepy sloths are dangerous to productivity but delve into the endless abyss of cat videos on the web and you might not see the sun for a week. This brings us to our next point of fact: The Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to Oakland May 11, and you can buy tickets starting today. Read more »