Quezada says don’t let “perfect” stand in way of immigration reform


The SF Bay Area Coalition for Immigration Reform is organizing a rally, Wednesday July 28 at 4 p.m., at the new federal building in San Francisco, at 90 7th Street at Mission to ask Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to help fix the nation’s broken immigration system.Read more »

Another reason we love Pete Stark


He's the only openly atheist member of Congress. He refused to apolgize after announcing that he had "no respect for" the commander in chief, George W. Read more »

Turning Clinton's words into Brewer and Whitman's problem


"Obama Admin has decided to sue AZ and we had to learn about it through Ecuadorean TV. Outrageous!"
So tweeted accidental Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, after Sec. of State Hillary's Clinton admitted that the US DOJ has decided to sue Arizona over SB 1070. 
Brewer, who faces a gubernatorial primary August 24,  is betting that  talk about immigration, will help her win the race.
"This is no way to treat the people of Arizona," Brewer said.

But wasn't that exactly the point Clinton was making?Read more »

Let the ICE picket begin


Members of the San Francisco Immigrant Rights Defense Committee launched a picket outside US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s Detention and Removal Operations office at 630 Sansome Street today to decry the activation of Secure Communities, which they describe as a “dangerous police-ICE collaboration program that threatens public safety.”

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Is Secure Communities opt-out still an option?


Immigrant rights attorney Francisco Ugarte, who works for SFILEN,  just talked to me about why it’s critical that folks raise their concerns about immigrant rights with their elected officials in the face of Secure Communities, a program ICE is planning to bring to San Francisco June 1, and to all U.S. jails by 2013, without the openness and transparency that we have come to expect under the Obama administration. Read more »

Immigration update: good news, bad news


Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed tireless immigrant rights advocate Angela Chan to the San Francisco Police Commission.
That’s the good news. Read more »

Lefty protesters greet Obama in SF


President Barack Obama arrives in San Francisco this afternoon (5/25) for a fundraiser at the Fairmont Hotel, where he'll be greeted by protesters from at least two realms of the progressive movement: immigrant rights activists unhappy with his administration's reluctance to take on immigration reform, and anti-war activists angry that Obama has continued President George W. Bush's pro-war and anti-civil liberties policies.Read more »

Supes to SF: Let's opt out of ICE's automatic fingerprint referral program


Just two weeks before a controversial collaboration between local police and ICE is set to get switched on in San Francisco, Sups. Eric Mar, John Avalos, David Campos, Chris Daly and Sophie Maxwell are introducing a  resolution that calls on the city to opt out of a program that could undermine public safety and threaten innocent community members with deportation.Read more »

ICE says it will automatically vet juvenile immigrants fingerprints


In what appears to be another fatal blow for San Francisco's sanctuary laws--and due process in general-- officials for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) say the fingerprints of juvenile immigrants charged with serious offenses will also be automatically forwarded to ICERead more »

Knocking on fascism's door


Like many folks in the United States, I’m an immigrant. But unlike many folks who crossed this nation’s borders, I was lucky to come here with a green card. I say “lucky” because getting a green card typically involves having the money and educational skills to make you “desirable” in the eyes of federal immigration authorities, things you are less likely to have if you are born into a dirt-poor country. Read more »