Goodbye to a homebrewing legend: RIP Griz


For many Bay Area homebrewers, Richmond neighborhood shop San Francisco Brewcraft is the main brewing hub. It's where newbies pick up their kits and learn to brew, and seasoned veterans return for more tips, recipes, and grains.

And the stern but friendly, no bullshit leader of that guild was Griz (aka Greg Miller), a homebrewing expert and beloved teacher. Griz, who long suffered from diabetes and last year was diagnosed with cancer, passed away in his sleep last Monday, Sept. 23. Read more »

San Francisco Homebrewers Guild Q&A: A mashing good time


For this week’s cover story, I profiled one particular homebrewer -- my husband -- on his quest to DIY kegerator glory. But there’s more to this story -- hundreds more, in fact. And the homebrewers of San Francisco congregate in the virtual San Francisco Homebrewers Guild (cute motto: “A mashing good time!). Read more »

Home for brews

DIY suds culture thrives at Brewlab



BEER My cab pulled up to an unassuming house on a quiet street in the Mission. An etched sign on the front porch bearing the words "Brewlab San Francisco" was my first greeting to the space. I entered, and after checking me in, a man in a green vintage Adidas tracksuit handed me a customized Mason jar and said, "Enjoy." It was time for a tasting at Brewlab (www.brewlabsf.com).Read more »