Gun Control

Boston, a day later


It's hard to know what to say about the Boston Marathon bombings. Except that I don't believe the guy on the roof did it, and I don't believe the government did it to get its hand down our pants, and nobody has any idea if some organized domestic or foreign terrorist group was responsible or if it was a lone nut. Read more »

Today in gun deaths


I have friends in the Gun Left, and even a few in the Gun Right, who firmly believe that they have to have a large collection of dangerous weapons so that when the Forces of Repression or the International Socialist Order come marching up to their doors to lock them up in concentration camps, they can fight back for their freedom. Like this, I guess.Read more »

Surfing to shoot

Federal law loophole and thousands of arms listings make it easy to buy guns online


Somewhere in rural Southern California, a Craigslist user is offering a Hi-Point 9mm carbine, a kind of semi-automatic rifle, for "straight trade" in exchange for a quad or dirt bike. A post from Craigslist in San Mateo screams "i NEED AMMO" — in bulk, for various kinds of rifles. And across the state, Craigslist ads for Glocks, Berettas and other handguns commonly turn up in the mix, often instructing prospective buyers to respond by text message only.Read more »

Calling these guns what they are


We spent a trillion dollars and almost 5,000 American lives trying to root out non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We fret about Iran getting a WMD, and we worry that North Korea already has one. Nuclear nonproliferation has been a key part of US foreign policy since the end of World War II.Read more »

Guns in Bayview

Local activists differ on SF gun control ordinances that are now under fire by the NRA


The National Rifle Association's bid to kill two San Francisco gun control ordinances — which a federal judge initially rejected last week, although that legal process continues — highlights differing views on the issue in the violence-plagued Bayview, where two prominent activists have opposing viewpoints.

One ordinance requires guns in the home to be locked up when not on the owner's person and the second bans the sale of fragmenting and expanding bullets, affecting only the city's sole gun store: High Bridge Arms, in the Mission district.Read more »

You know I have to talk about guns now


My son is 13. He and a friend went to the movies the other afternoon, at the San Francisco Metreon. I was at work; I wasn't a bit worried. They're good kids, city kids, they travel around on Muni and BART, hang out with their friends after school ... and what's safer than a movie theater?

Jesus fucking Christ.

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Gun control, race, and the founding fathers


KPFA's Mitch Jeserich, one of my favorite people on the radio, had a fascinating discussion this morning with Adam Winkler, who's written an new book about the history of gun control. Read more »