Green Issue 2013

At the hub

Yoga teacher and environmental consultant Konda Mason links consciousness, activism, and sustainability


GREEN ISSUE Konda Mason is a yoga teacher, filmmaker, and producer. But above all she's an activist, one of the most energetic Bay Area voices leading the effort to support sustainable practices in marginalized communities, and connect spiritual practice with real-world environmental action. Read more »

Billy and the golden toads

Reverend Billy Talen and his Church of Stop Shopping come to town


Reverend Billy Talen and his Church of Stop Shopping — which evolved from anti-consumerism street theater in San Francisco in the 1990s into a venerable New York City protest/performance institution — is bringing its creative environmentalist prayers and ploys back to the Bay Area next week.Read more »

Is there a "green" way to frack?

An erstwhile chair of the Rainforest Action Network says yes


Michael Klein is an unlikely oil industry executive. He's also an unlikely environmental activist. For many years, the wealthy San Franciscan was a major donor and chair of the board of the Rainforest Action Network, an environmental organization famous for agitating aggressively against timber giants, coal companies, air polluters, and the dirty energy financiers of Wall Street.

But Klein stepped down from that role, and has since helped form a company called Hydrozonix, which might be called a "green" fracking enterprise.Read more »

By the numbers

An Earth Day 2013 index


77: Years before climate scientists say the Sierra Snowpack, the state's largest reservoir, could dwindle to half its historic size. [Source: Fact Sheet, California Air Resources Board]

2,500,000,000,000: Barrels of "produced" wastewater generated by onshore oil and gas wells in California in 2011.

[Source: California Department of Conservation]Read more »

Indicator city

If cutting edge San Francisco can't meet the challenge of climate change and related environmental issues, are we all doomed?


When biologists talk about the health of a fragile ecosystem, they often speak of an "indicator species." That's a critter — a fish, say, or a frog — whose health, or lack thereof, is a signal of the overall health of the system. These days, when environmentalists who think about politics as well as science look at San Francisco, they see an indicator city.Read more »

Fracking changes everything

It's toxic. It's contributing to climate change. And it's happening all over California — with little regulation


In December 2012, the federal Bureau of Land Management held an annual auction for oil and gas development rights on federal territory in California, offering up wild lands in Fresno, Monterey, and San Benito counties. It sold off leases to 15 parcels, totaling nearly 18,000 acres. One bidder was a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum, an oil company that drilled 675 new wells in California in 2011 alone.Read more »