Meg wants to stop paying taxes


The rich are not like you and I -- a lot of the money they make comes from something other than working. I don't begrudge Meg Whitman the billion bucks she made at EBay (well, I do, really, but never mind). But when you sit on a pile of money, hire someone to manage it for you, and reap major windfalls on the interest, well, you're basically making money for doing nothing.

And you ought to at least pay taxes on it.Read more »

The Brown/Whitman debates


Jerry Brown's the official frontrunner now, after Meg Whitman endured Steve Poizner's assault and saw her positives knocked way back. And typically the frontrunner in a campaign tries to avoid direct debates; they can't help and, with a mistake or two, they can wind up hurting.Read more »

I want to throw up


I've gotten a pretty strong stomach after 25 years of political reporting, but when I read stuff like this, I reall want to throw up. It's not just pandering or corruption or sleaze -- that shit's common enough, and I can deal. It's this utter, blatant, mind-boggling lack of reality that makes me start to lose my lunch.Read more »

Jerry Brown rambles about Prop. 13


Jerry Brown's speech at the state Democratic convention was apparently well received, and his gimmicky call for a three-way debate got him a lot of good press. Read more »

Jerry Brown's inner populist emerges


In the 1990s, when Jerry Brown ran for president against Bill Clinton, his whole persona had a populist streak. He crashed with supporters instead of staying in fancy hotels; he raised money with an 800 number (the precursor to netroots fundraising); he railed against big-money interests. He even once put the future president of the United States on hold while he took another phone call. (Clinton gave up after waiting about ten minutes and disconnected.) Read more »