Good Vibrations

Good Vibes Sex Summit takes the Marriott, and not without controversy


To be completly morbid about a really positive event: had Hurricane Sandy catacylsmically materialized in the Marriot Marquis Club Room on Saturday, half of the Bay Area's sex nerd population would have been wiped out, and a good portion of the national sex educator community would be in mourning. The Good Vibrations Sex Summit was taking place, and health professionals, sex educators, TV personalities, surrogate parents, and laypeople interested in where sexuality stands in our society today were assembled for a day of panels and lectures.

Much-needed, sex-positive analysis of current events abounded. Schism, perhaps, was inevitable. All in all, it was a day of real talk. Read more »

This week in sex events: Free Internet anti-porn and sex nerd heaven


What to do when Halloween rolls around, but you're already slutty 365 days a year? Up the ante with one of this week's sex events, because you're more than just an awkwardly-gender-coded bag of crap from Spirit.

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