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Guardian editorial: City Hall's 2012 agenda


EDITORIAL There's so much on the to-do list for San Francisco in 2012 that it's hard to know where to start. This is a city in serious trouble, with unstable finances, a severe housing crisis, increased poverty and extreme wealth, a shrinking middle class, crumbling and unreliable infrastructure, a transportation system that's a mess, no coherent energy policy — and a history of political stalemate from mayors who have refused to work with progressives on the Board of Supervisors.

Now that Ed Lee has won a four-year term, he and the supervisors need to start taking on some of the major issues — and if the mayor wants to be successful, he needs to realize that he can't be another Gavin Newsom, or Willie Brown, mayors who were an obstacle  to real reform.

Here are just a few of the things the mayor and the board should put on the agenda for 2012: Read more »

Mayor Lee, Sharp Park, and Gavin Newsom


So Ed Lee's going to veto the Board of Supervisors resolution on Sharp Park. Of course he is. And there's more than snakes and frogs at issue here.

The veto, I think, sets the tone for what we're going to see over the next four years, which is: Gavin Newsom.

For four years, the progressive bloc on the board -- that is, the shaky sometimes-majority that can pull together six votes on an issue -- is going to run slam into a mayoral veto a good deal of the time.Read more »

Lt. Gov. Press Release


We used to call Gavin Newsom Mayor Press Release because he was always ready to go before the cameras and announce some bold plan that never amounted to anything. And now he's at it again.

Newsom -- to his credit, I must admit -- was the only member of the Board of Regents who didn't flee when the protesters arrived. Instead, he sat down with some of them and announced that "you have my support."

In fact, he's happy to denounce the cuts to higher education:Read more »

Newsom's delay tactic would create a legal mess


In this week's Guardian, I lay out the latest political dynamics surrounding who will become San Francisco's next mayor. But in reporting out that story, I stumbled across some interesting potential implications to Mayor Gavin Newsom's petulant promise to delay his swearing in as lieutenant governor.Read more »

Newsom could be headed for victory


Gavin Newsom seems poised to win his race for lieutenant governor, at least as indicated by his opponent Abel Maldonado's increasingly desperate campaign tactics and Newsom's string of newspaper endorsements, including the Spanish language La Opinion, which chose to pass over a moderate Latino that it has endorsed in the past. The only question now is voter turnout, and whether Newsom's negatives would be enough to drag him down if the Democratic base stays home in this lackluster election.Read more »

Newsom's budget and DCCC hypocrisy


Hypocrisy hung thickly in the air at City Hall today as Mayor Gavin Newsom refused to responsively address glaring contradictions on a pair of high-profile policy stances, pursuing naked self interest while cloaking himself in deceptive but high-minded rhetoric. Newsom used the city budget-signing ceremony to effusively praise the labor unions that he publicly shamed into giving back $250 million over two years to balance the budget without tax increases, a budget that cut services and increased various fees and fines.Read more »

This one is for Newsom(e) fans


One of the most fun parts about attending District Attorney Kamala Harris' victory party last night was looking at all the photos on the walls of the Delancey Street Foundation. Read more »