Wingin' It

TABLEHOPPING Pastrami waffles, Exile on Main Street, and some darn good chicken flippers


Dishing 2012

Appetite: 2012's top new restaurants brought surprise tastes, culinary depth



APPETITE The past year saw a number of openings I hope will be around for years to come — here is my list, in order, of my favorites. As ever, my goal is to include more affordable spots alongside midrange or upscale openings, considering range and uniqueness. It being December, I cannot strictly cover the calendar year so, with each choice open at least two months, the opening date range goes back to October 2011 for a full year.

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Korean commotion

Kimchee, Tang, porno posters, and awesome flavors -- we're happy to ride the wave of new Korean spots



APPETITE The nation's on a kimchi kick. Truth be told, California has long been home to some of the country's densest Asian populations, so here in the Bay Korean cuisine is at a crossroads — is it a staple? Exotic novelty? With the help of a few new openings, the answer may be shifting. Despite a smattering of Korean BBQ joints in SF and a concentrated Korean population in Oakland, it hasn't been until the last few years that I've witnessed local Korean eateries offering much beyond barbecue.Read more »