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The other thing Chelsea Manning said, and more updates


By now, we all now that Pfc. Bradley Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years on Aug. 21 for leaking classified U.S. government documents, would like to enter the next phase of her life as a woman named Chelsea. “I want everyone to know the real me,” Manning said in a statement. “I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female.”Read more »

Local activists respond to Bradley Manning verdict


Jeff Paterson, an organizer with the Bradley Manning Support Network and Courage to Resist, didn’t hesitate when asked for his initial reaction to the verdict declared for whistleblower Pfc. Bradley Manning on July 30.

“We’re relieved,” Paterson said. “There was a very real possibility that a military judge would convict Bradley Manning of aiding the enemy,” but the 25-year-old U.S. Army private was acquitted of this charge. “So in that sense, we dodged a bullet.”Read more »

Feds' use of spy tools under scrutiny due to privacy concerns


If the FBI is trying to pinpoint the location of a suspect in your neighborhood, investigators could sweep up information from your mobile device just because you happen to be in proximity to their target. Civil liberties advocates are concerned that the practice is a major invasion of privacy.Read more »

Mayor Lee’s mysterious breakfast companions [UPDATED]


See an update to this story below. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has been having breakfast with CEOs to seek millions in funding for the America’s Cup, but the identities of those CEOs remain a mystery.Read more »

Pizza delivery drones?


Well, this is intriguing. According to an event announcement for an upcoming talk this Wednesday, there are some bizarre new developments on the "innovation in San Francisco" front. "New plans are being launched to help entrepreneurs launch their dreams," the San Francisco Technology Democrats informs us, "from mobile apps to making pizza delivery drones available."

Drones? For pizza delivery? Shouldn't someone warn the American Civil Liberties Union?Read more »

#OpenData just got a teeny bit more open


We were disheartened when, after submitting some fairly innocuous questions to the Mayor’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Nath, we received zero answers. By the time the Guardian’s annual Freedom of Information issue hit stands yesterday, we were still out in the cold. (Shameless plug: Pick up a print edition of this week’s paper for our flow chart on how to file Sunshine requests, designed by our illustrious Art Director Brooke Robertson.)Read more »

Freeing the information

From a high school teacher to the Bay Citizen: this year's heroes in journalism


The Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California chapter, will honor champions of the First Amendment at the 27th annual James Madison Awards Banquet on Thursday, March 15, at the City Club of San Francisco.

William Bennett Turner, who has spent his career defending the First Amendment and civil rights, as well as 25 years teaching new generations of journalists and attorneys, is to receive this year's Norwin Yoffie Award for Career Achievement from the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California Chapter.Read more »