Fall Arts 2011

Fall on the floor

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: The season's standout local and touring dance programs



FALL ARTS While by no means complete, these selections have enough variety to hopefully entice the experienced as well as the novice dancegoer.

Zhukov Dance Theatre Product 04, Yuri Zhukov's latest evening of dance, says a lot about the man. His work is solid, non-showy but sturdy, and, above all, beautifully performed. Zhukov's company is small, with four excellent dancers. (Sept. 1-3, ZSpace; Facebook: Zhukov Dance Theatre.)Read more »

Bravo, il gato

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: The baroque San Francisco band is about to have its best season yet


FALL ARTS The clouds hang over San Francisco like a brumous, early evening warning sign. It's late summer on the back patio of popular Mission street bar El Rio. Small pockets of people huddle near outdoor heaters, and vintage pop songs come pumping through the speakers. Three men dressed neatly in sweaters and hoodies sit at a long picnic table clutching cheap beers.Read more »