Elections 2012

Machine politics


The inner technological workings of the Obama for America (OFA) campaign engine came into the spotlight Jan. 10 when the POTUS’ technology team, dutifully trashing any pretense of a dress code in blue jeans and hoodies, delivered a panel talk at the Hyatt Regency. They explained what it was like to be the brains behind the campaign software capable of blasting those irksome fundraising pitches out to about 60 million Americans in one go. Read more »

Lee down in D7, promises to maintain presence


The barrage of mailers put out by the Coalition for Sensible Government, which campaign manager Thomas Lee described as more a source of frustration than anything else, don't seem to be helping David Lee, who is currently behind incumbent, Eric Mar in his race for District 1 supervisor.Read more »

The scene at Yes on 37


A few dozen people are at CELLspace in the Mission District watching national returns on a massive screen while eagerly awaiting the results of Proposition 37 (It's currently winning at around 68%).  The controversial statewide measure will require grocers and food manufacturers to label their products that undergo genetic modification before they reach store shelves.  If passed, the measure will make California the first state to ever enforce labeling for foods that undergo genetic modification. Read more »

Matt Haney jumping for joy over school board results


At a party at the Brick and Mortar club in the Mission -- a combined celebration for David Campos, Matt Haney, and Steve Ngo --  school board nominee Matt Haney currently stands at 13.29% of the vote, enough to get him on the board. And he was jumping up and down with delight when he saw the numbers were turning in his favor.Read more »

Obama wins: Rejoicing at SF Dem HQ


The crowd just went nuts at the SF Democratic Party headquarters on Market Street when the big TV screen flashed, "Obama Re-Elected."

Downstairs from the rejoicing, a poster on the wall claimed that volunteers made 29,050 calls over the weekend on the Democratic incumbent's behalf -- upstairs, of course, was the payoff for all that hard work and the party.

State Sen. Mark Leno told us "San Francisco was the most productive campaign office in the state," having hundreds of volunteers a day.Read more »

D5 shakeups flip the dynamics of that wild race


[UPDATED AND CORRECTED] Wild and unsettling political dynamics have rocked the District 5 supervisorial race, with three major candidates having prominent endorsements withdrawn, the most significant being this week's mass exodus of support from the campaign of Julian Davis following his bad handling of allegations that he has mistreated women.Read more »

Mecke joins crowded District 5 supervisorial race


Progressive activist Quintin Mecke jumped into the District 5 supervisorial race today, echoing gentrification concerns raised this week by the Guardian and The New York Times and promising to be an independent representative of one of the city's most progressive districts, a subtle dig at Sup. Christina Olague's appointment by Mayor Ed Lee.Read more »

Why the Post Office matters


Nobody writes letters any more. My kids barely know what a letter is. We pay our bills online, and when we buy crap valuable consumer items from Ebay or Amazon, they arrive in a UPS truck. With direct deposit, people don't even get benefit checks in the mail.Read more »

The Phil Ting for Assembly campaign is under way


Just a few days after the race for mayor of San Francisco ended, Assessor-Recorder (and mayoral candidate) Phil Ting began his next campaign -- for state Assembly.Read more »

A new name in District 5


There's a new name popping up in the cattle call that is the District Five supervisorial appointment. He's not terribly well known in city political circles (his chief claim to local fame is serving on the Library Commission), but he's got a powerful patron: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

His name is Michael Breyer. Yes, from that Breyer family.Read more »