Occupying the Capitol

Amid education cuts and tuition hikes, students increase pressure in Sacramento


It's an unseasonably hot day at UC Davis, and student activists are milling around a tent city, set up especially for 100 people arriving from a four-day March on Education. The school, one of the hubs of the Occupy movement, gained notoriety when public safety Officer John Pike casually pepper sprayed a line students during a sit-in back in November. Now, officers bike through the idyllic scene, smiling and chatting up occupiers.Read more »

Teachers, students demand funding for education


People across the Bay Area joined in the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education March 1, with rallies at Berkeley City Hall, UC Berkeley, Oakland City Hall, SF State, and at the State Building on Golden Gate Ave.  Demonstrators at UC Santa Cruz shut down the campus for the day demanding well-funded and quality public education. Read more »

5 reasons to attend this weekend's online porn convention


Looking for a reason to spend this unseasonably warm weekend hovering over your computer? The sluttiest ticket of them all: the Adult Virtual Convention, an online version of the time-tested, fan-approved pornography fan expo that will go live from Fri/24-Sun/26 on your computer. Yes sir, just as the DVD porn industry has mourned the loss of revenue to low-budget Internet blue film, soon porn conventioneers might be feeling the pinch as well. Here's a list of reasons why cyber conventioneering just might be better than the real thing: 

1. No need to agonize over which that baseball cap makes you look like a slobby creep, or whether you should wear the tee with your favorite starlet's face on it: AVC is being conducted through Utherverse, an "online adult social center" that to the untrained observer seems a lot like Second Life. Like that site, you're welcome to concoct your own avatar that may have very little to do with your meat physique. Goodbye wardrobe issues, hello black chaps and a bikini (one of the default 'fits for women -- you can also opt for flame pants or "Hit Me Baby One More Time.") Read more »

Down Dog break down

We rate the yogis -- which famous Bay Area yoga teacher is right for you?


YOGA For a sizeable sector of our population, yoga is as much a part of the culture as burritos and biking to work. With more than 50 studios in San Francisco's 49 square miles alone — and even a brand-new yoga room in SFO, which claims to be an airport first — the Bay Area isn't short on options for a Saturday morning sweat sesh or Sunday night candlelight.Read more »

6 places to take a nude figure drawing class


Clothes are nothing but hindrances when it comes to drawing the human body. Strip down to the barest essentials in these nude figure drawing classes offered around the Bay Area. Most of these classes are uninstructed, so you will be on your own to explore the aesthetic beauty of the human form.

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Editor's notes

When public schools can no longer afford to buy paper, it's time to reconsider the tax system


I got a message the other day from my son's public school, begging parents to go out and buy a few reams of paper, because the school is almost out and can't afford any more. Seriously: A public middle school in San Francisco doesn't have enough paper for the school year and has to ask parents to go to Costco and pick some up.Read more »

Firing bad teachers


Diane Ravich, who used to be on the wrong side of school reform but has pretty much come around, was on Forum Jan. 18 talking about education policy. For the most part, she was right on target, explaining that too much of a focus on testing (as a measure of school and teacher accomplishment, not as a diagnostic tool) and too narrow an emphasis on math and reading has damaged public schools.Read more »

Exporting our brains

As libraries close and tuition soars, a California university sets its sights on... China?


By Gary Brechin

The chancellor was absent as University of California police, kitted out in battle gear, vigorously beat and arrested students and professors at on the Berkeley campus. Called to account by the academic senate two weeks later, Robert Birgeneau explained that he had been on a trip through Asia at the time. The trip, he said, concluded with a "phenomenally successful," though unspecified, mission to Shanghai, so he did not hear how badly things went at home until the following day.Read more »

The good news about the mid-year state cuts


Well, there isn't much good news, really -- Gov. Jerry just announced another $1 billion in cuts, mostly to education and services for the disabled and poor. Check out the state's priorities: $429.6 million in cuts to education, $225 million in cuts to MediCal, In-Home Supportive Services and developmental services -- and a whopping $20 million in cuts to the prison system.Read more »

Protesters target UC to demand openness, accountability, and the restoration of cuts


UPDATED BELOW -- Protesters with ReFund California and other groups are gathering today (Mon/28) at UCSF-Mission Bay and three other UC campuses to protest a teleconference of the UC Board of Regents, which will discuss state funding levels and tuition increases, as well as recent incidents of police violence against nonviolent student protesters.Read more »