Courtney Trouble

Riding out

Bike Smut and Courtney Trouble debut two-wheel trampin'


SEX Perhaps, if you are reading this column, you are already aware of the Bike Smut Film Festival ( If so, please note that an adult production starring the DIY fest's founders Poppy Cox and Rev "Gasper Johnson" Phil is being screened at the Center for Sex and Culture Sat/1. It is made by local queer pornographer Courtney Trouble, will also be available in DVD form at the screening, and it is unlikely, if you enjoy genuine expressions of human carnality, that you will not enjoy it.Read more »

Standing on streetcorners naked, and this week's sexy events


Memories of a taxi driver desperately trying to flag Courtney Trouble into his cab popped up unexpectedly today upon hearing the BBW queer pornographer discuss how the Madonna-inspired Guardian cover shoot last year for my story following her and the rest of the queer porn clique down to Las Vegas for the AVN Awards has now inspired a movie of its own. Read more »

Queer and boning in Las Vegas

San Francisco adult stars storm the red carpet at the AVN Awards, a.k.a. the 'Oscars of porn'