Chauncey Bailey Project

The legacy of racism

Killing the Messenger explores Black Muslim ideology and the cycles of brutality


The legacy of brutal racism in this country, particularly against African Americans, shapes the events of today. That's a notion that much of white America resists accepting, particularly conservatives. But actions create reactions, hatred begets hatred, and those cycles can roll forward endlessly and manifest in unpredictable ways.Read more »

Your Black Muslim Bakery leader had Chauncey Bailey killed, bakery follower testifies


Report from The Chauncey Bailey Project, of which the Guardian is a member:

By Thomas Peele/Bay Area News Group

OAKLAND -- Yusuf Bey IV told one of his followers shortly after the shooting death of Chauncey Bailey that the journalist "slandered" Your Black Muslim Bakery and Bey IV bragged he did what he "had to do," a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday. Read more »