Chamber of Commerce

Just ignore the Chamber of Commerce


The Chronicle made a big deal of the fact that the Chamber of Commerce has a "21-point advocacy agenda" that "could weaken" the city's "boundry pushing legislation and pro-labor policies."

But really, nobody should even care.Read more »

The Chamber of Commerce becomes even more irrelevant


It's been years since anyone really took the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce seriously as a political force. The verdict from the techies came in long ago; they do their own thing with their own money. Small business never got much out of the Chamber, and most of those folks have their own organizations. Read more »

Editorial: Reject the CPMC deal!


EDITORIAL For most of the past year, Mayor Ed Lee had been taking a tough line with California Pacific Medical Center, the health-care giant that wants to build a state-of-the-art 555-bed hospital on Cathedral Hill. The mayor had been telling a stunningly recalcitrant CMPC management that the outfit would have to put upwards of $70 million into affordable housing and spent millions more on transit, neighborhood and charity-care programs to mitigate the impacts of the massive project.

But late in March, something happened. Under immense pressure from the Chamber of Commerce and other big business groups, the mayor buckled and agreed to a deal with woefully inadequate mitigation measures. The supervisors should reject the plan and force CPMC to do better. Read more »

The failure of Lee's business tax plan


The Mayor’s Office and city finance officials are circulating drafts of a new business tax plan that would largely abolish the payroll tax and replace it with a levy on gross receipts.Read more »

SF Chamber poll distorts the facts...again


The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce this week released its annual City Beat poll – promoting its results at the top of its website and feeding it to media outlets such as the San Francisco Examiner, which faithfully reported its finding, apparently without seeking underlying data – and once again the poll Read more »

Supervisors make the Chamber of Commerce happy


You want a sense of what's happened to politics at City Hall? Here you go: the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is thrilled.

The Chamber just released its 2011 voting scorecard on the Board of Supervisors (which it calls the "Paychecks and Pink Slips Scorecard," as if most of the stuff the Chamber supports had anything to do with actual job creation), and guess what? The board is more pro-downtown than it has been in a while:Read more »