Careers and Education Fall 2012

Write it out

Tips to get you started in the growing field of publishing


CAREERS AND ED If your New Year's resolutions include finally finishing that post-apocalyptic S&M fantasy novel, or maybe just starting the memoir about your childhood as the illegitimate offspring of a '70s soap opera star, you're in the right place — and time. Here in the Bay Area, you can't throw a copy of Robert McKee's literary how-to "Story" without hitting a writing teacher — and January is when most writing classes ramp up. The trick is choosing the right one.

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Mindful cooking, bagel basics, and neon work at these fun classes



Rockin' Kids Singalong

Licensed clinical social worker and former punk rock singer-guitarist Stephanie Pepitone leads this musical play group for kids of all ages. Stephanie "leads families in about an hour's worth of singing, dancing, music-making, and fun/chaos" with original tunes and familiar favorites.

Fridays, 10:30-11:30am, $10 per family. La Pena Cultural Center, 3105 Shattuck, Berk.

JAN 12

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The shape of stage to come

Theater companies offer trainings to keep actors and audience on their toes


CAREERS AND ED Like most skills, acting can be honed and refined, and the number of disciplines and techniques an actor could familiarize themselves with are practically infinite. Fortunately for the professional and amateur actor alike, there's a number of theater companies who offer the same actor trainings to the public that they utilize in the creation of their own work.Read more »

Creating activist scholars: extended interview with Andrej Grubacic


For this week's paper, we talked with with Andrej Grubacic, the new head of the anthropology department at the California Institute for Integral Studies. Here's the extended interview with Grubacic, where he talks more about the new Anthropology and Social Change program, as well as the history of anarchist schools, how his grandmother influenced his politics growing up in Yugoslavia, and the state of the occupy movement.

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Preaching denim

At Holy Stitch, young people get sew motivated


CAREERS AND ED News that another coffee shop has opened in Mid-Market may not send happy vibes thrumming down your spinal cord, but that's because you haven't gotten a chance to hang out in Trailhead (1100 Market, SF), the community-oriented pop-up cafe that houses Holy Stitch. It's a bright spot amid the Twitter-fueled frenzy, if you're into the creativity of young people, or even just really beautiful clothes.Read more »

Let it learn

What's fresh in Bay education, from pot activism 101 to design degrees


If you want my advice

Two career coaches on dream jobs and who's hiring these days


CAREERS AND ED In July, the unemployment rate in California was 11 percent. Which got us thinking: what's the smart way to job hunt these days? We're not the only ones — this month, the Commonwealth Club is hosting a series of lectures and workshops called "The Future of Work." We tapped two of the series' experts for email interviews, asking Marty Nemko, author of Cool Careers For Dummies, and Joel Garfinkle, Oakland-based career coach, for their takes on the matter. They offered two points of view on today's dreary job market. Upside? Read more »

Creating activist scholars

New anarchist-led program at CIIS aims to help Bay Area social justice groups


This semester, the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) will start a new Anthropology Department featuring teachers who are grassroots organizers with decades of experience, including Boots Riley, Roxane Dunbar-Ortiz, Sasha Lilley, and Chris Carlsson.

The program's goal is to create "activist scholars," to get students into communities outside the institution, and to use their research and intellectual opportunities at the school to move social justice projects forward. And the man who organized it all is an unrepentant anarchist.Read more »

Faces of City College



The first thing you notice about Bouchra Simmons is her hair. Her black curls are bold and larger than life, much like Simmons herself.

Simmons moved to the United States from Morocco in 2008. A single mother of a nine-year-old daughter, Simmons is taking English as Second Language classes as well as business classes and working towards a certificate in management at City College.Read more »

Quick facts about City College of San Francisco

How many ESL students? How does CCSF fund its campuses? Answers here


• CCSF has 10 main campuses: Ocean (Ingleside), Mission, Civic Center, Chinatown, Southeast (Bayview), Evans, Noe Valley, John Adams (on Masonic), Fort Mason, and Downtown.

• CCSF also has single class "instructional sites" littered throughout San Francisco in various office spaces, spare SFUSD classrooms, and other locations. The exact number of these sites isn't known by the college, but they are estimated at more than 100.Read more »