Burning Man

Action Girl leaves Black Rock City LLC


This week's resignation of Andie Grace (aka Action Girl) – who has been the face and voice of Burning Man and its Jack Rabbit Speaks newsletter for most of her 13 years working for Black Rock City LLC (aka the Borg) – is the latest blow to an organization and culture going through a difficult transition period.Read more »

Heading East: Artists in flux

One art collective joins a wave of San Franciscans who are moving to the East Bay


San Francisco isn't an easy place to live for artists and others who choose to fill their souls at the expense of their bank accounts, particularly with the comparatively cheap and sunny East Bay so close. And with more of these creative types being lured eastward, Oakland and its surroundings are getting ever more hip and attractive — just as San Francisco is being gentrified by dot-com workaholics.Read more »

Burning Man awards art grants and resolves final ticket issues


It's been a tough year for Black Rock City LLC (aka the Borg), the SF-based company that stages Burning Man, particularly with its ticket fiasco, the heaps of criticism that followed, and uneasiness about what this year's event will look and feel like. As word of its annual art grants has gotten out over these last couple weeks, the grumblings of discontent have returned, this time mixed with early twinges of excitement about the event.Read more »

Krushin' on

Party time with DJ Krush, Red Baraat, Black Rock Roller Disco benefit, Forest Green, and more


SUPER EGO I've only a wee bit of space this week before I rush off back into the Mardi Gras of my mind, but I've got to three times diagonal-snap for local fashion designer Jeanette Au (jeanetteau.carbonmade.com) who tore it up for SF on the NY Fashion Week runways last week with her debut collection of 3-D knit fantasias. Ruling!

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Burning Man winners: theme camps, and maybe ticket scalpers


Burning Man organizers faced at least two serious problems created by its flawed new ticketing system, and they chose to deal with just one of them yesterday in announcing that the open sale of the final 10,000 tickets would be canceled and those tickets would instead be sold throu Read more »

Before Burning Man's big announcement, some final bits and bytes...


[UPDATE: Goodell posted details on the new system, which distributes remaining tickets through theme camps. Read more »

Will theme camps get the remaining Burning Man tickets?


Organizers of Burning Man are working on a plan to deal with the fact that most longtime burners were denied tickets to this year's event – the result of a new lottery system that seems to have been gamed by ticket scalpers and agencies – and sources tell us it could involve distributing tickets through established theme camps and art collectives.Read more »

Burning Man ticket fiasco creates an uncertain future


UPDATED WITH LLC RESPONSES BELOW   Is it the end of Burning Man as we know it? That's certainly the way things are looking to thousands of longtime burners who didn't get tickets when the results of a controversial new ticket lottery system were announced on Tuesday evening, particularly as big picture information emerged in online discussions yesterday.Read more »


Burning Man ticket fiasco renews criticism of SF-based Black Rock City LLC



Burning Man is a hyper-collaborative event controlled by its tens of thousands of participants — except when it isn't, as when policies are dictated by the six-member board of SF-based Black Rock City LLC. And that core conflict now has many burners seething, without tickets to this year's event, critical of a badly designed new ticket distribution system, and wary of reassurances being offered by the LLC.Read more »

Burning Man ticket requests far exceed supply


Burners' worst fears are about to come true: they'll be denied tickets to Burning Man when the results of the new lottery-based system are announced on Wednesday. But organizers say if everyone stays calm and relies on their community then they'll probably still get tickets.Read more »