Brontez Purnell

Goldies 2014 Performance/Music: Brontez Purnell

"I romanticize the outsider. There's always going to be this running theme of me versus the world."


GOLDIES After being informed that Bay Guardian editors and a theater critic vetted his Goldie nomination, Brontez Purnell reacts. "I think it's fuckin' rad. I'm pretty into it. A theater critic? Was I criticized?"Read more »

The Performant: Our selves


The body does not lie -- Anne Sexton

So often in the arts it seems like we spend an inordinate amount of time focused on how art engages our minds as opposed to our bodies, as if body were a mere vessel whose primary function was to shelter and nourish the brain. In fairness, this is how we treat our bodies in a non-artistic settings too, at best a cumbersome weight which anchors us to the physical world, at worst, a burden we long someday to be free of. Read more »