Calling all trolls: you'll have to come to our forum to comment next week


We are all very excited about our July 31 public forum on the future of the Bay Guardian and progressive journalism in the Bay Area. We’ve already received lots of great community support and input since our recent turmoil and leadership transition — and we want even more feedback as we work to rejuvenate the paper.

But there is one piece of advice that we’ve received over and over again from readers: do something about the trolls that pollute our comments section. So we’ve decided to turn that input into a little week-long experiment starting on the day of the forum. As we post next week’s Guardian here at, we will disable the comments on the stories and in our blog posts that week. Read more »

Don't say mommy blogger, but mommies should be blogging


There is good and bad about the rise of the "mommy blog," says mother and author Kate Hopper. Good: women should write! Writing spreads one's voice, motherhood can be an intense time. Bad: why must we qualify them as something apart from any other blogger, memoirist, etc. Hopper promises to discuss these topics -- and more saliently, how you can get started on a chapter of your own -- at her upcoming appearance at Good Vibrations' mothers-specific hang-out, which also features Carol Queen speaking about post-natal nookie, on Wed/1. We caught up with her before she hit SF to get a sneak peek at her relationship with the written word. Read more »