Black Power Now

Black Power, then and now

How political struggles and concepts from the '60s are animating a new generation


"We're not ever to be caught up in the intellectual masturbation of the question of Black Power. That's a function of people who are advertisers that call themselves reporters."

That's how the radical student and civil rights leader Stokely Carmichael opened a speech about Black Power — a term he helped popularize — at UC Berkeley in 1966. But the ideas and concepts behind Black Power proved to be an enduring ones that are enjoying a resurgence today.Read more »

Panther cry

New Bay anthology "Listen Whitey!" plays the sounds of black power


LIT Over a five-year period in Oakland, California, archivist Pat Thomas befriended key leaders of the Black Power movement, dug through Huey Newton's archives at Stanford University, spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on eBay, and talked to rank and file Black Panther Party members. He uncovered dozens of obscure albums, singles, and stray tapes. Along the way, he began to piece together a time period (1967-1974) when revolutionaries were seen as pop culture icons.Read more »

Black Power and OWS

The two movements have it in them to merge, but it's going to take some work


OPINION Since its inception in September of 2011, The Occupy Wall Street movement has come to mean many things to many people. For some it's a movement to end skyrocketing tuition at State Colleges and Universities. For others its a platform to stop and bring attention to unfair and illegal foreclosures. Still others see the Occupy as a movement that's going to bring back unions and level the playing field for workers.Read more »

The legacy of racism

Killing the Messenger explores Black Muslim ideology and the cycles of brutality


The legacy of brutal racism in this country, particularly against African Americans, shapes the events of today. That's a notion that much of white America resists accepting, particularly conservatives. But actions create reactions, hatred begets hatred, and those cycles can roll forward endlessly and manifest in unpredictable ways.Read more »