Cyclists gain an unlikely defender against the backlash


After yesterday's media pile-on – with the Examiner's cover story and the Chronicle leading both its front page and Bay Area section with stories bashing bicyclists in the wake of a pedestrian death – it was refreshing to read today's level-headed Examiner editorial “Rare pedestrian death exploited by bike foes.”Read more »

Was the cyclist who killed a pedestrian reckless?


San Francisco's bicycling community is bracing for a backlash following the second recent case of a cyclist hitting and killing a pedestrian, particularly given a callous online posting by someone claiming to be the cyclist, whose 71-year-old victim this week died of injuries sustained a week ago at the intersection of Castro and Market streets.Read more »

SF allows bikes indoors, but its cycling goal is elusive


When the Board of Supervisors this week voted 9-2 to require commercial building owners to allow employees to bring their bicycles indoors while they work, ordinance sponsor Sup. John Avalos hailed the legislation as an important step toward meeting the city goal of having 20 percent of all vehicle trips in the city be by bike by the year 2020.Read more »

Hot sexy events: February 1-7


(Insert “saddle friction” joke here.) At the risk of sounding like an episode of Portlandia, we are stoked for the Bike Smut Film Festival, which rides in for its second SF showing in two weeks – the first took place at Bayview's Cyclecide Swearhouse last weekend – on Fri/3. 

Bike smut: people having sex on bikes, sex with bikes, sex with bikes watching – surely there will be bike couplings in there somewhere (a handlebar penetrating a spoke, well greased). This incarnation of the fresh-from-touring-Europe show has an Oregon Trail theme. Yes, we know you loved that game in elementary school. You know who else did? Everyone. Read more »

Bike lightly

Build your own bamboo steed in this new Tenderloin shop


DIY has long been an integral part of San Franciscan culture. Underground music venues, art cars, pop-up food trucks — San Franciscans have been crafting their own good times for years. And while the concept of creating and customizing your own bike isn't new, a bike studio in the Tenderloin is putting a lightweight, environmentally-friendly spin on it.Read more »

Bike lane runway

WINTER LOOKS: Where to shop for two-wheeled winter fashion


WINTER LOOKS I spend a lot of time convincing my friends that we should ride our bikes places, and the main pushback I get is due to the fact that they don't want to look like they just got off a bike.

It's faulty reasoning. Leaving aside how attractive environmental awareness is, anyone who has ever checked out the Vélo Vogue style blog or the global family of Copenhagen Chic websites knows that a bike can make an already-stylish outfit look sexy in a precarious, fly-by-night way. Think about watching someone run gracefully in heels.Read more »

Nite Trax: DJ Toph One in ICU after hit and run


[UPDATED BELOW] Gah! One of my favorite SF nightlife people, DJ Toph One, is in intensive care at SF General after being struck by a hit-and-run driver while bicycling on Sunday morning. As reported yesterday by SF Appeal:

"The bicyclist was struck shortly after midnight [Sun/8] near the corner of Ocean and Geneva avenues near City College of San Francisco, San Francisco police officer Albie Esparza said.

"Witnesses said the vehicle involved in the collision fled the scene."

I've just now learned that the victim is Toph -- a longtime bike activist and producer of such quintessential long-running parties as Red Wine and Pepper.

Read more »

Brown vetoes bicycle buffer zone


Anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle knows how scary and dangerous it is when cars pass too closely at high speed. So the California Bicycle Coalition made its top legislative priority for the year a bill, SB 910, to require drivers to give bicyclists a three-foot buffer or slow down to 15 mph. And even though the Legislature overwhelmingly approved this reasonable traffic safety measure, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed it on Friday.Read more »

Bike Coalition gives Avalos its top endorsement


Back in May, I noted how mayoral candidates John Avalos and David Chiu seemed to be the only candidates courting the votes of San Francisco bicyclists, noting that the 13,000-plus-member San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was one of the city's largest grassroots political organizations. Since then, Ed Lee jumped into the race and also made a point of supporting and seeking support from the city's bicycling community.Read more »

Buche on a bike? Dreams come true, courtesy of El Taco Bike


Why does Alfonso Dominguez, owner of Oakland's Tamarindo, La Calle, and partial owner of Era Art Bar and Lounge, spend his free time hawking tacos from a bike? An avid cyclist and owner of six different bikes himself, we got the idea talking to him last week that Dominguez built El Taco Bike to prove it was possible in the first place.

We're in full support. Too few snack foods come off the back of bicycles these days. Read more »