Pies at the ready: Seniors prep for this weekend's Black Cuisine Festival


"This is the hippest, hottest senior center in the city," said a volunteer as she shredded chicken. Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center was in full cooking mode, preparing for Sat/2's Black Cuisine Festival. There were sweet potato pies baking in the oven, fresh-battered catfish sizzling in oil, and pans of corn bead cooling on tables, waiting to be crumbled into a chicken dressing. The smells were intoxicating.Read more »

Guns in Bayview

Local activists differ on SF gun control ordinances that are now under fire by the NRA


The National Rifle Association's bid to kill two San Francisco gun control ordinances — which a federal judge initially rejected last week, although that legal process continues — highlights differing views on the issue in the violence-plagued Bayview, where two prominent activists have opposing viewpoints.

One ordinance requires guns in the home to be locked up when not on the owner's person and the second bans the sale of fragmenting and expanding bullets, affecting only the city's sole gun store: High Bridge Arms, in the Mission district.Read more »

Activists rally for alleged victim of illegal foreclosure


A few dozen rallied in front of the building that houses a branch of PNC bank July 26, demanding that the bank not foreclose on Yin Wong, an elderly Bayview resident who says the bank is foreclosing on her illegally.Read more »

Street Threads: Look of the Day


Guardian street fashion photog Ariel Soto-Suver was on the scene at Bayview Opera House's Saturday summer concert series. The al fresco community fete was packed with rows of organic kale and college prep tutors -- but also fashion. Read on for braided Renee's style philosophy -- and check out Soto-Suver's shots of Elwood from earlier this week.  Read more »

Fly Benzo sentenced to three years probation


Debray Carpenter, aka Fly Benzo, was sentenced in court April 27. He received three years of probation with a long list of conditions.

Benzo, student at City College, was arrested at an Oct. 18 rally in Mendell Plaza. During that incident, police officers John Norment and Joshua Fry of the Bayview precinct apparently unplugged a boombox that they said was not authorized in a street outlet. Then, when officers began videotaping Benzo, he took out his camera phone and began videotaping them as well. He was convicted of misdemeanor assault of a police officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest by Judge Jerome Benson on Feb 22.

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Does Malia Cohen want to dump Potrero Hill?


Since the dawn of district elections in the 1970s, Potrero Hill and Bayview have been part of the same district. Of the four supervisors elected to represent that district -- Bob Gonzalez and Doris Ward the first time around, Sophie Maxwell and Malia Cohen after the return of district elections -- three have come from Potrero Hill. All three also won substantial votes from Bayview Hunters Point.

But now Sup. Cohen apparently wants to kick Potrero Hill out of District 10.Read more »

Bayview man who filmed cops convicted


In a case that has gained notoriety in San Francsico, Debray Carpenter, also known as Fly Benzo, was convicted Feb. 22 of two misdemeanors.

Benzo was filming the police with his cell phone camera at the time of his arrest. Videos of his arrest are available online.

Video evidenceRead more »

Outrage at the Bayview Opera House (VIDEO)


A community meeting July 20 at the Bayview Opera House dissolved into chaotic shouting when Police Chief Greg Suhr attempted to present the San Francisco Police Department's version of what transpired July 16 when a 19-year-old African American man was shot nine times by police and killed just blocks from where the meeting was held. Read more »

Goat news


City Grazing, the adorable weed-eating goat herd in Bayview, has a ton of upcoming events, starting tomorrow, May 12, at 6 p.m., when City Grazing founder David Gavrich will talk at a community forum on the urban farming movement at the Commonwealth Club.

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Connecting the dots between Lennar's vendors


Tomorrow (April 20), the Board of Supervisors will decide whether to support Sup. Chris Daly’s resolution to urge the Lennar Corp. to issue a formal, written apology to members of the Stop Lennar Action Movement and the City and County of San Francisco for irresponsible and potentially dangerous behavior. Read more »