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From the mouths of BART workers; cleaning the dreaded escalators, skirting death


A reprieve in BART negotiations has given the Bay Area time to breathe before the next possible strike, but a lot of public concerns and animosity toward BART still remains. So the Guardian decided to take a look at BART workers themselves (we found them through their union) and ask, “How would your life change if the unions adopted BART management’s offers on safety, pensions, wages and health care?”

Note: The audio interviews are summarized in this post, but give them a listen to get a fuller picture of the impact of labor negotiations on worker’s lives.Read more »

Cave of garage rock dreams: Primitive Hearts, Pinkslime, Lunch, Sweat Lodge


I came to an Undisclosed Cavernous Area (let’s call it U.C.A from here out) on Saturday in the greater Bay Area with the promise of two things. First, that I would see an array of garage and surf punk bands for free -- and second, that I would be going to something possibly illegal, which is fairly punk, as well.

The setting was, as mentioned, a fairly damp U.C. A. The stage was to be determined by the bands that played. Powered by a generator and dimly lit with a couple of clamp lamps, the show boasted dozens of people gathered close to hear the bands and to (literally) be kept in the light. Read more »

Murk T.W.D.Y. slang? You mightcould with this video

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One hundred words they've taken from us. Do you know which ones they are? Sure, it's a few years old, but Rafael Casal breaks down the Bay Area's propensity to coin viral slang (without getting its props from appropriators!) in this track, off 2009's The Monster LP. The video's got easy-to-learn text graphics so that even if you don't know the lingo that reigned three years ago in the Bay, you can cop it real quick. Wait a second... Read more »

Maximum Consumption: Bay Area bands choose their favorite eateries


I know, it's so close to the weekend that you can taste it. But before you sign off for the day, your peepers sore and fingers trembling, here's a comprehensive list – sure to get your tummy rumbling – of Bay Area bands' favorite local restaurants, food trucks, and eateries. I compiled these answers from our On the Rise questionnaire (results of which are in this week's issue) and my ongoing Localized Appreesh column. Enjoy. Read more »