Hector Romero pays tribute to Frankie Knuckles Sat/10.



SUPER EGO There's a reason many of us got all churchy when word came down last month that Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of House, had passed to that vast, sweaty dance floor in the sky. As dance music continues to grow, it seems more necessary than ever to affirm its root credo of love and acceptance. Frankie was house music's apostle: He could make you glow in the light of the deepest underground track or a remix of the hoariest pop hit. (I'm not lying when I tell you that his 10-minute reconstruction of "You Are Not Alone" saved my life once.)Read more »

Looking up: Apex One's Mid-Market rooftop street art gallery


I was a little devastated when I found that the owner of Ricardo "Apex" Richey's Market and Sixth Street studio -- where he painted his canvases of street art abstractions -- had sold the building to a new owner intent on converting the raw space to tech offices. What of the Asian-run garment factories, the rickety elevators? And what, more importantly, of the rooftop that Apex had the run of, where he'd let his street art friends paint huge burners? Over the years, the space had converted into a guestbook of sorts, with murals done by Mona Caron, Neon, Chez. Read more »