America's Cup

Spare change, Larry?


Tensions flared over the America's Cup last week as critics called for billionaire yacht owner Larry Ellison to cover the looming city deficit out of his own deep pockets.

It's evidently a popular idea: A petition asking Ellison to pony up had collected 1,663 signatures as of Wednesday morning.Read more »

Tough questions asked on America's Cup fundraising shortfall


At a March 13 subcommittee hearing called by Sup. John Avalos, representatives from the city’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), the America's Cup Organizing Committee (ACOC) and others were called upon to explain why coordinators of the prestigious yacht race have failed to reach projected fundraising targets to defray city costs. If the fundraising goals aren't reached, the city’s General Fund could weather a $13 million hit to cover costs for the sailing event.Read more »

Sunday Streets hits the Embarcadero March 10


We love the ocean breezes of Sunday Streets Great Highway, the jampacked activities of Sunday Streets Mission, the general feeling of being on the main thoroughfare of a neighborhood you don't usually hang out on with thousands of your city neighbors. Once again, the car-free family day is taking over the Embarcadero for its March 10 season opener.

More centrally located than the beach, more of a novelty than the at-times Mission version -- this could be a good one, and it's high time to re-acquaint yourself with the strip in these last days before America's Cup swoops in, anyway. Here's five ways to spend your SS Embarcadero: Read more »

A fine use for Larry's fine art


A loyal reader contacted us with a great suggestion to solve all the fundraising problems of the America's Cup.

This summer, it turns out, will be about more than racing for the city's mega-billionaire yacht-race king. The Asian Art Museum's latest program guide notes that from June 28-Sept. 22, the museum will host "In the Moment: Japanese Art from the Larry Ellison Collection."Read more »

For $999, you can watch sailing, on public land


Here's the deal of a lifetime: For $999, you can get a ticket to watch the America's Cup races. From beachers built on public land. Where the non-wealthy public won't be allowed.Read more »

Tonight! Don't miss your chance to meet a bunch of rich white guys!


Today starting at 6:15pm you have an excellent chance to revel in the population demographic defined by Urban Dictionary as "a group of people who are blamed for all of the problems in the world." Yes, it's white males! And they're rich, too -- or at least they comandeer incredibly expensive toys. The chappies in question are the America's Cup skippers, who will be on display in the America's Cup Village (now open 10am-7pm Tuesday-Saturday) at Little Marina Green on Marina Boulevard. Read more »

Who says sailing's not a spectator sport? Hot America's Cup action

See video

We brought nautical-themed beer and outfits to Crissy Field for the America's Cup preliminary races, and had a great view of one of the turning points of the really big boats before the winning sailors aggressively sprayed champagne on each other. I'm not sure how many of the race's subtleties our fellow spectators were getting, but it was clear the Team Prada had a lot more fans than Team J.P. Morgan. Read more »

Lost at sea

Could a world-class arts festival save the foundering America's Cup?


AMERICA'S CUP Clear your mind, if you can, of brawls over San Francisco piers and other obscenely expensive parcels of waterfront real estate. Focus solely on the inevitability of the 34th annual America's Cup.Read more »

The America's Cup meltdown


The America's Cup Event Authority -- the operation that Oracle CEO Larry Ellison set up to run the business side of his personal yacht race -- is melting down, laying off half its staff and scrambling around for new leadership as projected revenues continue to slide and the ultimate size and impact of the event remains in question.Read more »

Sorting out the America's Cup re-do


I have to say this for Mayor Ed Lee: He's not so stubborn or egotistical. He's willing to listen. And when something really, really doesn't make sense, he's willing to let it slide.

Not like Gavin Newsom.Read more »