Republicans are just plain daft


What do you do when your party is getting clobbered on social media and among a demographic that is getting locked in to vote against you?

Why, adapt to the new thing, of course. In this case, the snarky, pithy and glib lingo of Twitter and FB posts. And what do you goof and eyebrow raise over?

Abortion. Read more »

Another victory for the champions of the "unborn"


In a grand piece of political theater, Wisconsin Republicans passed a measure 17-15 in their senate that would require an ultrasound prior to an abortion. Read more »

Today's vexing question


It's a lovely June day in LA with the gloom burning off and my son graduating elementary school. So, I thought I might leave you with this simple question:

Why do the same people that believe an assault weapons ban is a waste of time because "criminals can always get guns" also believe that an abortion ban will end abortions?

See ya after the ceremonies!


The truth conquers all

Will a 25-foot buffer zone keep anti-abortion protesters from freaking out Planned Parenthood patients? 


I was standing in front of what looked like a semi-vacant office building. I re-checked my maps app — it looked like I had the correct address for the Planned Parenthood clinic. If only this woman would stop shouting about killing babies, maybe I could think.Read more »

Sandra Fluke's in town! As are the pro-life crazies! Your week in sexy events


40 years ago, a historic ruling gave us control over our own reproductive health. This week, a female state representative in New Mexico proposed banning abortions after rape to preserve police evidence. Shiver. Feel like a protest?

You're in luck because this weekend, various groups all claiming to represent the best in women's interests will be marking Roe vs. Wade's historic judgement. But wait, will you attend the pro-choice carnival, the pro-choice flash mob, the anti-choice rally and march, or the pro-choice, anti-porn counter-demonstration? They are all happening this Saturday morning and early afternoon in Justin Herman Plaza. (Rebecca Bowe broke this story on our site over at the Politics blog, BTW.) We suggest being there, at least to watch the drama unfold. Happily, at least for the moment, choice is alive and well when it comes to weekend activism!  Read more »

Is Todd Akin the dumbest Congressman ever?


There have been a lot of really stupid members of the esteemed House of Representatives and the United States Senate. I'm talking real morons here -- not just people who are dumb because they disagree with me and I'm always right. In fact, there are quite a few before Todd Akin who have promoted the Magical Vagina Power theory that says women who are raped can't get pregnant. Read more »

Catholic hospitals and birth control


I'm glad Sen. Barbara Boxer, along with Sens. Patty Murray and Jeanne Shaheen, are supporting the Obama administration's decision to mandate contraceptive coverage at Catholic hospitals. Read more »