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Goings and comings back: 222 Hyde closes, SF Eagle returns. plus: Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Delhi 2 Dublin, Paris is Burning, more parties


SUPER EGO As Maria von Trapp sang at the climax of The Sound of Music, "Whenever the goddess closes a rave cave, somewhere she reopens a gay leather biker bar."Read more »

Nite Trax: 222 Hyde is closing :(


Oh jeez, sad news this morning from EO, owner of great, actually-underground rave cave 222 Hyde. Due to a change in ownership of the nightlub's building, and some continued trouble with the ABC state liquor and license patrol, 222 will be closing March 9.

There's gonna be a huge closing party that night of course! (Stay tuned for details.)

This marks the loss of one of the most truly open-eared venues to come along in a while, a space that had room - well, a little room, at least, that basement dancefloor got packed! -- for ambitious electronic experiment as well as balls out crowd pleasers, but always on the cutting edge. The staff is pretty great, too -- and the space itself is a historic nightlife landmark. I don't want to make any grand statements about the blandification of SF nightlife, you've heard it all before, but 222's size insured that lesser-known acts, or ones not so familiar in the US, could perform to a vibing dancefloor, rather than risk the cost of larger venues. (And I regret not making it to some of the recent parties like Wednesday's "What?!" party and the appearance by Skooz. Next time!)

EO will continue on with his ear-grabbing electronic music production -- I wish him and his staff well and thank you for the music! Let's make sure the next few weeks and the closing party are real blowouts. EO's message to me after the jump:

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Round the outside

Two crackin' new nightlife venues open. Plus: Wunmi, Deetron, Andre Lodemann, Harvey Milk's birthday, more parties


SUPER EGO Zounds and gulldurnit. Figures I'd fall ill right at the start of street festival season, when the weather was gorgeous, the freaks were How Weirding, and two new clubs were throwing open their fresh-painted portals. Why can't my body just obey my mind and be invincible! It's nothing but an overgrown orang-oo-tang. Oh well, I guess when you have only one sinus left — thanks, 1997 — every day of health is a smelly blessing.Read more »