Steven T. Jones

Zombies to attack City Hall! UPDATED


We in the Bay Guardian newsroom have just received word of an impending zombie attack on City Hall. I repeat: Zombies are planning to attack City Hall this afternoon! [Updated coverage from the scene below] Read more »

The Guardian's voter Clip-Out Guide


So we’ve heard a little confusion — and even some amusing conspiracy theories — about why the Guardian’s regular voter Clip-Out Guide isn’t on our cover like it usually is in the issue before the election. Rest assured, loyal Guardian readers (and haters), it’s right there, along the bottom.Read more »

Media misses connection between BART tragedy and settlement


BART continues to stonewall important questions about whether it was training scab drivers to break the recent strike by its unions when its trainee-driven train killed two workers on Oct. 19 — a stance made possible by the failure of the mainstream media to connect the dots or correct the anti-union bias that characterized its coverage of this long labor impasse.Read more »

Shit happened (Oct. 23-29)

Tenant proposals and Guardian forum address eviction crisis; Students fight suspensions; Techies to NSA: Stop spying!


Tenant proposals and Guardian forum address eviction crisisRead more »

Let's talk about death

DEATH ISSUE: Saying goodbye isn't easy, but it's an important part of life. We explore the Bay Area's evolving relationship with the end of life, from Boomer care and Death with Dignity to the "death midwives" movement.


DEATH ISSUE  Death comes for all of us, sometimes with advanced warning, other times suddenly.Read more »

Developer-funded 8 Washington campaign spends $1.8 million pushing Props. B&C


The developer of the 8 Washington waterfront luxury condo project and his allies have spent more $1.8 million this year pushing Propositions B and C, according to new campaign finance filings with the San Francisco Ethics Commission.Read more »

Tenant groups propose sweeping package to ease the "eviction epidemic"


Tenant advocates today proposed a sweeping set of legislative proposals to address what they’re calling the “eviction epidemic” that has hit San Francisco, seeking to slow the rapid displacement of tenants by real estate speculators with changes to land use, building, rent control, and other city codes.Read more »

Lee family quietly leaves home as activists pledge to push reforms


Members of Lee family quietly moved out of their longtime home in Chinatown last night, a day before their latest scheduled Ellis Act eviction, which had been postponed twice before thanks to headline-grabbing progressive activism that turned away deputies and persuaded the Mayor’s Office to intervene with the landlord.Read more »

Gilded Age of Austerity breaks down

Contemplating the federal government shutdown, strikes by Bay Area transit agencies, and political dysfunction


It was a week when it seemed that civil society in the US was on the verge of collapse.

Most of the federal government was already shutdown when Congress came without hours of letting the US default on its debts, a fate avoided late on Oct. 16 with legislation to limp along for a few months before repeating the partisan budget standoff again.Read more »

Homeless advocates fight Wiener on park closures

Swing votes targeted before measure is considered by the Board of Supervisors on Oct. 29.



The Coalition on Homelessness has launched a campaign to defeat Sup. Scott Wiener's legislation to close down all city parks and most major plazas from midnight to 5am, which the Board of Supervisors is set to consider on Oct. 29. Activists are targeting three swing votes who could decide the controversial issue: Sups. London Breed, Norman Yee, and Katy Tang.Read more »