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Friday Special: Feds cough up $2.8 million over anthrax


Anthrax: the bacteria that wormed its way into the consciousness of an entire nation, thanks to who?

I like to cruise the news on Fridays in search of breaking stories that someone hopes will be buried by the weekend and forgotten by Monday.

I bet the feds are hoping that Steven Hatfill will be one such case.

That's because they have just agreed to pay the former bioweapons researcher $2.825 million and a $150,000 annuity.

Hatfill, who lost his job, but was never charge Read more »

Lennar asks feds for help--Republican senator blocks bill


Are we worried, yet? With San Francisco having climbed deeper into bed with Lennar thanks to Prop. Read more »

Is Newsom's Baby Savings Bond for Suckers?


When Newsom introduced plans during his January 2008 inauguration speech to deposit $500 for every baby born in San Francisco, I was left wondering how many people who give birth in San Francisco today will manage to keep that child housed, clothed and fed in the City for the next 18 years, which is just one of the requirements for those hoping to eventually cash in on Newsom's proposed Baby Bond.


The June Sucker in the indicator species for the health of the Read more »

OK, maybe it's more like 5:1.


Just got off the phone with SEIU 1020's RObert Haaland, who apologized for misreading the data, which we have now posted online, so all you budget wonks can go nuts and help us ordinary morals understand the City's hiring trends over the past decade.

Haaland now believes Newsom's manager to worker hiring ratio is more like 5:1, not 10:1, as previously blogged.

As Haaland told me, Controller Ben Rosenfeld just clarified that it's impor Read more »

Newsom’s manager to worker hiring ratio? 10:1.


Does Newsom show more love to managers than workers?
photos and text by Sarah Phelan

SEIU Local 1021’s Robert Haaland says the City has a pattern of hiring way more managers than front line workers over the last decade.

“Over the last ten years, the City has hired managers to front line workers at a rate of ten to one, “says Robert Haaland, SEIU Local 1021’s political coordinator. “That means 1,000 managers to 100 front line workers. Read more »

Moth Spray stopped! Sterile moths, instead, in urban areas


Visceral images, like the one posted above, helped build public awareness of and opposition to the aerial spraying of synthetic moth pheromones over urban areas like San Francisco. Read more »

Three, Two, One, Boom!


It's too brilliant a day to be inside working. You feel like blowing up something up. But don't want to go postal.
So, live vicariously and watch yesterday's implosion of half of the boiler building at the former PG&E power plant in Hunters Point, brought to us courtesy of Kristine Enea. Boom!

Budget Battle bumps up against Gay Marriage


Bridal Money bags are sexy, budget documents ain't.

As LGBT couples were praising Mayor Gavin Newsom for making legally wedded bliss a reality in their lifetimes, a parallel community inside City Hall was criticizing the Mayor for making potentially fatal cuts to public health programs, many of which have served San Francisco’s LGBT community for decades.

Unfortunate Read more »

Same-Sex Weddings: A Love Story


Spencer Jones and Tyler Barrick, newly wed, June 17, 2008.

It’s their stories that bring you to tears, stories of love, commitment and a desire to wed that would all be very ordinary, except that these people are entering into state sanctioned same-sex marriages for the very first time. Read more »

Calling geeks about the White House emails



Dear Geeks,

Never mind about the pressing matter of whether the White House should be required to turn over records about a stash of possibly missing e-mails. Read more »