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Follow the JROTC Money


You might think that the main money behind the campaign to keep JROTC in the San Francisco United School District is flowing directly from the military.

You’d be wrong.

Think Gap, PG& E and the San Francisco Association of Realtors, instead.

They are among the top contributors to a political committee that is supporting Proposition V, which is the measure on the November election that seeks to keep JROTC in the SFUSD beyond June 2009.

Here are the top five contributors to Choice for Students, the pro Prop. Read more »

CBC columnist censored over Palin



CBC removed Canadian journalist Heather Mallick September 5 column about Palin after Fox complained

News that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation removed a Palin-critical column from its website after FOX News complained, got me seeking out the column in question to see what the fuss was about, 'natch.

Just in case that link gets blocked, here's how Ma Read more »

Even Palin wants us to leave McCain


Gov.Sarah Palin gave the Democrats a great slogan, when she said "John McCain is the man we need to leave...I mean lead," during tonight's one and only vice-presidential debate. Classic.

Air District fined Lennar half a million dollars last month


by Sarah Phelan

In a surprise revelation, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District mentioned yesterday that it had reached a $515,000 settlement with Lennar over the developer's failure to monitor and control asbestos dust at Hunters Point Shipyard.

BAAQMD executive director Jack Broadment brought up the settlement, which was dated August 8 and allegedly finalized in early September, during the air district’s October 1 board meeting. Read more »

GGRA members accused of hypocrisy


News that GGRA has decided to file an en banc appeal of the Ninth Circuit’s ruling upholding the City’s Healthcare Security Ordinance got supporters of the City’s ordinance expressing dismay and puzzlement. Read more »

Will SF's healthcare ordinance go to Supreme Court?


The Ninth Circuit's decision to uphold San Francisco's Health Care Security Ordinance got everyone wondering if the Golden Gate Restaurant Association will take the matter all the way to the Supreme Court.

GGRA’s executive director Kevin Westly told me they might, or they might ask the Ninth Circuit to do an en banque review, instead, which involves all eleven Ninth Circuit judges.

“Healthy San Francisco is a good program and employer spending mandates are a separate issue," Westly said, repeating a Read more »

9th Circuit OKs City's Healthcare Access Plan


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has decided in favor of the city's healthcare access ordinance.
The Golden Gate Restaurant Association, which was the group that filed suit against San Francisco over the City's trailblazing plan, could still appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, a move that would cost beaucoup bucks all round.
Here's my favorite part of this recent ruling, written in delicious legalese:

"There may be better ways to provide healthcare that to require employers in the City of San Francisco to foot the bill. Read more »

The Right Palin


Get your Friday funnies on with Monty Python's Michael Palin clip about why McCain chose the wrong Palin.

Bean Bigger than City Hall


I love how the beans outside City Hall obscure the surrounding buildings, if you get up close and personal.

The same can be said for corn.

Last chance to comment on Shipyard's Parcel B


Wondering what's going on with the much promised clean up of Hunters Point Shipyard? Read on.

Aerial photographs of the Hunters Point Shipyard of yore (see above) are super cool. Read more »