Ruggy Joesten

(Wo)manhattan diaries

The strongest female touches in the Bay's bars


Let's be frank. Actually, let's be Fran. In this cocktail-centric metropolis, the chances of sipping on a superlative Harvey Wallbanger or a provocative NOLA-inspired Sazerac made from the hands of a fully-tattooed male with an affinity for Rollie Fingers is a fair sight more likely than savoring a boozy palliative shaken by a member of the fairer species.Read more »

Drinking al Frisco

Three perfect patios for warm weather boozing


RUGGY'S YELP Lately the weather around San Francisco has been more akin to what you'd expect in a city like San Diego. Or San Antonio (remember Pewee, there's no basement in the Alamo!). Or heck, even San Felipe, Mexico.Read more »

It's 6 a.m. somewhere

Seize the day with drinks before dawn


RUGGY'S YELP On my 21st birthday, I wanted to suck every single ounce of inebriated enjoyment out of the milestone occasion and tipped back my first airplane bottle of 99 Bananas schnapps at 5:45 a.m. outside one of San Diego's premiere 20-hour bars, the Silver Fox. Before arriving, I was convinced I'd be the only patron crazy enough to enter when its doors opened at 6 a.m., but I found myself among 10 to 15 others queued up, awaiting an 80-proof wake-me-up with trembling hands.Read more »

Captain James Cook of the 94123

A Missionite's guide to the Marina


RUGGY'S YELP When that burning yellow ball of helium makes a rare appearance in the city, shucking out wads of vitamin D like Lil' Wayne at a titty bar, it's hard not to want to cozy up near the coastline for an elixir with Mother Nature.Read more »

Epic Bush crawl, part 2

Keep your knucklehead down while breaking Doritos with the regulars at some choice Bush Corridor dives


SUPER EGO Marke B. is off getting hitched to Hunky Beau (finally!) so we asked scruffy lad-about-town Ruggy Joesten, senior community manager at, to fill in as nightlife correspondent. This is the second part of his SF Bush Corridor bar blitz. You can read all about part one here.Read more »

Epic Bush crawl, part one

SUPER EGO: A jaunt through the TL and Union Square's most dangerously divey splashdowns


SUPER EGO Marke B.'s off getting hitched to Hunky Beau, so we asked the raffishly cute Ruggy, senior community manager at, to fill in as nightlife correspondent. Part two comes out Nov. 3.

What does your average Friday night look like? Does it involve catching up with old college friends over a 2007 Chateau Montelena Bordeaux blend? Maybe you'd rather snuggle up next to your boo on an EQ3 chaise longue with the remote in one hand and a Shake Weight in the other.Read more »