Jean Tepperman

Bottom confronts top

Walmart workers and their allies organize a movement that could ripple through the retail industry


On Nov. 2, a half-hour before the 6am grand re-opening of the newly remodeled Walmart store in Richmond, six workers on the late-night shift donned matching lime-green T-shirts and staged a sit-in next to the Customer Service desk.

"We're tired of mistreatment at work," explained Walmart worker Mario Hammod, "of not being treated with dignity and respect."

Outside, a small group of union members, clergy, and other supporters stood in the dark, holding a huge banner reading "Walmart on strike: End the retaliation."Read more »

Battling the banksters

Unions and progressive groups organize and protest to push for economic justice


Late in the afternoon of April 15, in the quiet of the huge round Bank of America lobby on Montgomery Street, a young woman suddenly yelled "Bank of America made $4.4 billion in profits in 2009 but paid zero in taxes!" About two dozen bystanders converged in a synchronized dance routine, kicking, strutting, and shimmying to lively music from the Brass Liberation Orchestra while supporters held up signs reading "tax evader."Read more »