Ivan V. Natividad

Matt Haney jumping for joy over school board results


At a party at the Brick and Mortar club in the Mission -- a combined celebration for David Campos, Matt Haney, and Steve Ngo --  school board nominee Matt Haney currently stands at 13.29% of the vote, enough to get him on the board. And he was jumping up and down with delight when he saw the numbers were turning in his favor.Read more »

Life-and-death decision

Backers of Prop 34 target the still-high number of undecided voters



Proposition 34, the initiative to end the death penalty in California, is trailing in the polls, but proponents are focusing on a surprisingly large voting block that could still put it over the top: undecided voters.

"Anything can happen on Election Day," said Natasha Minsker, campaign manager for Yes on 34. "I think what this election comes down to is who's able to reach the undecided voter."Read more »