Guardian Editorial

Making CleanPowerSF work

The city's clean power plan is going to save you money


EDITORIAL The way the San Francisco Chronicle describes it, the city's new green power program "won't come cheap." That's a line that Pacific Gas and Electric Co. will use over and over again in the next few months as the city finally prepares to get into the retail electricity business, 98 years after Congress mandated public power for San Francisco. Clean Power SF will offer 100 percent clean energy — and yes, right now, this spring, it will cost a little bit more than buying nuclear and coal power from PG&E.Read more »

Occupy's next steps

Staging a national event in Washington, D.C. could cement the movement's place in history


EDITORIAL In less than three months, the Occupy movement has changed the national political debate — and possibly the course of U.S. history. A small group of protesters, derided in the mainstream media, grew to a massive outpouring of anger at economic inequality — and it's no coincidence that politicians at all levels have begun to respond. At least five different measures aimed at raising taxes on the rich are in the works in California. In Kansas Dec. Read more »

The problem with the tax initiative

Governor Brown's tax plan doesn't do justice to California's voters


EDITORIAL The Occupy movement — despite police abuse, official hostility and dismissive media — is changing the mainstream of discussion in American politics. For the first time in years, it's actually possible to talk about raising taxes on the very wealthy. All the polls show strong, and growing, public sentiment in favor of economic equality. It's a great opportunity to reform California's tax system — but Gov. Jerry Brown seems unwilling to take advantage of what could be the most important moment in his political career.Read more »

The problem of the UC police

Poor supervision, poor training and limited civilian oversight


EDITORIAL Twenty years from now, when people look back on the Occupy movement, one of the indelible images will be the video of the University of California police officer casually dousing a group of peaceful, seated students in Davis with pepper spray. It's a video that's been seen millions of times around the world. It reflects a serious problem not just with one officer but with the way officials at all levels have responded to the protests — and with the way institutional police forces operate in this state.Read more »

The one percent on the waterfront

The 8 Washington plan would build apartments for the $450,000 salary set


EDITORIAL While Mayor Ed Lee struggles with the OccupySF encampment, another, very different group has its eyes on the city's waterfront. On the edges of the ground where protesters are talking about the one percent of Americans that control the vast majority of the nation's wealth, two major development projects aimed entirely at that very wealthy sliver are starting to move forward.Read more »

Ed Lee's challenges

Five steps the recently re-elected mayor could take to honor the office


EDITORIAL Mayor Ed Lee has always talked about bringing the city together, about avoiding division and harsh conflict. And how that he's won a four-year term, he's going to have to address a wide range of city problems that in the past haven't responded well to consensus and compromise.Read more »

End the death penalty in 2012

If we can't muster a death penalty ban on moral grounds, what about economic ones?


EDITORIAL It's time to end the death penalty in California. And November 2012 may be the best chance.Read more »

Leave the occupiers alone

They're the poliltical heroes of 2011 -- the city needs to give them the respect that's due


EDITORIAL With all of the police raids and arguments over messages and demands and tactics, it's easy to forget that the Occupy Wall Street movement has a clear political point — and it's right.Read more »

Mirkarimi vs. the conservatives

The sheriff candidate takes on criminal rehab issues, despite the critics


EDITORIAL It's easy to forget why the race for San Francisco sheriff is so important. For 30 years, retiring Sheriff Mike Hennessey has done such a good job promoting progressive law-enforcement policies that the voters haven't had to think much about the office. But the race between Sup. Ross Mirkarimi, former police union leader Chris Cunnie and deputy sheriff Paul Miyamoto is critical — and there's no better evidence than the debate over recidivism.Read more »

SF values and OccupySF

The protestors didn't start the confrontations with the police -- but we need to end them


EDITORIAL This is what civility and compromise looks like:

At a little after 10 P.m. Oct 16, a squadron of San Francisco police equipped with riot gear raided and attempted to shut down the OccupySF protest. It was the second time San Francisco has embarrassed itself, becoming the only major U.S. city to attempt to evict members of the growing Occupation movement — and this time, the cops used a lot more force.Read more »