Danielle Parenteau

Friends and community rally to help victims of 1448 Valencia fire


Daniel Morgan and Willa Koerner started a fundraiser on Rally.org to help the former residents of 1448 Valencia who were displaced by the fire on the afternoon of Oct. 28, an effort that has exceeded their goals. 

Both have friends who lived in the building. Morgan described seeing them standing on the street watching the fire, saying some of them "just had the clothes on their backs."

He immediately wanted to do what he could to help.

"Me and my girlfriend asked them what they needed to get through the night,” he told us.Read more »

Whales protected from ships in SF Bay


Whales and marine mammals in the San Francisco Bay and along the California coast are being protected by new policies that will help prevent them from being struck by ships, including new shipping policies and a whale tracker application.

An increasing number of deadly interactions between whales and ships drew attention in 2010 when at least five whales that had been struck by ships beached themselves and died. But that is thought to be only a small indicator of a much larger problem.Read more »

New policies, and a court ruling, protect whales from ships in SF Bay and along the Pacific coast


Whales, dolphins, and marine mammals in the San Francisco Bay and along the California coast could be better protected by a federal court ruling on US Navy exercises and new policies being put in place to prevent whales from being struck by ships.Read more »