Christopher D. Cook

Pelosi defies history and her district


OPINION How is it that, despite deep congressional opposition to an American-led war on Syria, the representative for one of the nation's most progressive districts, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, has been among President Obama's most ardent backers of war?

While Russia's deal for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons offers a temporary pause in the march to war, the arrangement is fragile and Obama — with support from Pelosi — continues to threaten military action that could lead to a disastrous widening of bloodshed and chaos in Syria and beyond.Read more »

Keep the focus on real estate

Shift gentrification-blame from the hipsters to City Hall


OPINION Let's stop blaming the hipsters. The Google bus, that annoying icon of yuppie invasion and transit privatization, is not the lead driver of gentrification's reckless stampede reshaping our city (though it does play a role). The upscale restaurants dominating commercial strips may be economically and aesthetically offensive to many, but they are the natural byproducts of gentrification's much-ignored elephant in the room: the real estate industry.Read more »

The food divide

San Francisco is a city of haves and have-nots when it comes to nutrition


Antonia Williams is part of a slow, quiet food revolution. After battling obesity for much of her adult life, the 26-year-old lifelong Bayview resident did some research. "I realized it had a lot to do with the food I consumed," she told us. "As a result of growing up in the neighborhood, I suffer from obesity. I'm overweight because of the lack of options for good healthy food."Read more »

Revenue for all

It's time for an unapologetic progressive taxation movement for this November's ballot and beyond, to make the city's great wealth - individual and corporate, often badly undertaxed - work for all San Franciscans

OPINION Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut: this is the sound of your government — parks, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, clinics, public transportation, programs for youth and seniors, arts, social services, the whole fabric that makes San Francisco what it is — fading away as state and local politicians refuse to raise revenue to revitalize our economy. Read more »

San Francisco needs a New Deal

As usual, programs helping those most in need are getting cut the most

By Christopher D. Cook and Eric Quezada

OPINION On the night the voters spoke, word began filtering through Palm Pilots and iPhones about sweeping budget cuts likely to carve a hole in vital city programs. It's ugly: massive cuts to the Department of Public Health and numerous social service programs. As usual, programs helping those most in need are getting cut the most. Read more »

Anniversary Issue: Just Food Nation

Transforming how we eat will address poverty, public health, and environmental sustainability


Two gardens, both erupting with a rich array of flowers, herbs, and veggies, offer a scrumptious glimpse into the promises and challenges of San Francisco's food future.

One, a sparkling emerald Victory Garden, opened to much acclaim in front of City Hall this September to foreground America's first Slow Food Nation gala. Read more »

A food bill for San Francisco

With leadership from supervisors, a progressive bill could be a model for America's food future

OPINION You may not have heard about it, but Congress is busy deciding the fate of America's food supply: what's grown, how it's produced and by whom, and how that food will affect our health and the planet. Read more »